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Object Detail

Oil painting depicting a woman carrying buckets of water to dampen down a burn that is threatening a settler hut. The woman is pictured in the foreground with two buckets slung across her shoulders. Water is spilling out of both buckets. She has her back turned and is looking over her shoulder towards the viewer. She is wearing a light blue dress with a white lace collar and a white apron tied around her waist. Her hair is tied up. She is standing in a river and her legs are foreshortened. Water runs into the river through bush on the right hand side of the painting. In the middleground a wooden settler hut is visible, which is set in a cleared block of land. Tree stumps are dotted around the clearing. In the background, flames are visible near a line of trees. Smoke rises above the flames. The painting is the third in McLean's 'Settler Trilogy'.
Primary Maker
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Subject Place
Subject Person
Accession No


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