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Object Detail

Original plans for the construction of the New Plymouth Opera House by Thomas Bates, circa 1924.
Bates, Thomas Herbert
Primary Maker
Thomas Bates
Production Date
Circa 1924

Archive Contents


1. Hand coloured linen. Ground floor and circle gallery. Sheet 1 of 11. (2 copies).

2. Hand coloured linen. Gallery floor and basement. Sheet 2 of 11. (2 copies)

3. Blueprint. Detail of roof and basement foundation. Sheet 3 of 11. (2 copies)

4. Hand coloured linen. Devon St frontal elevation & cross section of re-enforcement. Sheet 4 of 11. (2 copies).

5. Hand coloured linen. Skeleton plans for wall Egmont St exit. Sheet 5 of 11. (2 copies).

6. Blue print. Plan of soffit of circle and gallery and site and level truss over stage.

7. Blue print. Plan of skeleton frame of walls A, B, C, D and E.

8. Blue print. Plan of skeleton frames of east and west walls.

9. Blue print. Details of reinforcement beams.

10. Blue print. Construction of dress circle.

11. Blue print. Section showing construction of dress circle, gallery and pitch of auditorium floor. Sheet 11 of 11. 3 copies.

12. Blueprint. ½ inch plan of soffit under dress circle.

13. Linen plan. Ground, dress circle and mezzanine floor plans; cross sections A-A and B-B. Sheet 1 of 11.

14. Linen plan. Gallery and basement floor plans. Sheet 2 of 11.

15. Linen plan. Elevation Devon Street; cross sections C-C and D-D. Sheet 4 of 11.

16. Linen plan. Elevation Egmont Street; cross section E-E, F-F, G-G and H-H. Sheet 5 of 11.

17. Linen plan. Site and level plan; plan showing soffit of circle and galleries; ½ detail of truss over stage. Sheet 6 of 11.

18. Linen plan. Plan of skeleton frame from walls. Sheet 7 of 11.

19. Linen plan. Plan of skeleton frame from walls. Sheet 8 of 11.

20. Linen plan. Details of reinforcements. Sheet 9 of 11.

21. Linen plan. Construction of dress circle floor. Sheet 10 of 11.

22. Linen plan. ½ inch detail of main entrance stairs to circle.

23. Linen plan. Detail of gallery stairs.

24. Linen plan. ½ inch detail of facade to Devon Street.

25. Pencil sketch. Cross section?

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