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A collection of posters and flyers produced for exhibitions and events created by Puke Ariki for years 2005-2006.
Puke Ariki and District Libraries
Primary Maker
Puke Ariki and District Libraries
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Archive Contents

  Part 1

Poster. 'Sir Edmund Hilary. Everest and Beyond'. Touring exhibition. Puke Ariki 8 May - 7 August 2005

  Part 2

Poster. Space a galaxy of adventure. Touring exhibition at Puke Ariki 27 August - 24 October 2005

  Part 3

Poster. 'Speed : Science in motion'. Exhibition shown at Puke Ariki 19 November 2005 - 12 March 2006

  Part 4

Poster. The Da Vinci Machines. Touring exhibition Puke Ariki 26 March - 28 May 2006

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