Sound recording. Tom Thompson talks about his childhood near Ruapehu, family life after the death of his father (Tom aged 4), his early work in the Plaza movie theatre at Ohakune Junction, in the Rangataua Post Office, with the Ohakune Borough Council as Huntervile Town Clerk, as the secretary of Federated Farmers and as the secretary of the Hunterville Rabbit Board. He also talks about his move to Kaponga to take the vacant position of Town Clerk and his subsequent role as an accountant for the furnishing firm Harding & Sons. He also speaks of his involvement in the Church, his family and a visit to Wales.
Interviewer: Alison Robinson
Date: 27 August 2001
Robinson, Alison Margaret
Primary Maker
Alison Robinson
Production Date
27 August 2001
Subject Person

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Research CD.

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Folder. Transcript.

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