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A Spanish Morocco Campaign Medal. The silvered bronze oval medal features a left facing helmeted and uniformed head and shoulders profile of King Alfonso XIII on the obverse. " MARRUECOS " is marked around it. The reverse features a winged figure of victory holding a palm branch aloft. " REINANDO DON ALFONSO XIII " is marked around the outside. " LARACHE " is marked on a bar attached to the ribbon. It is attached to a plain light blue ribbon by a hinged crown suspension and a simple pin is attached to the top of the ribbon.
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"The medal was created on 29 June 1915 and awarded for meritorious service in Morocco from that date. Melilla on the north African coast had been Spanish since 1497 and Ceuta since 1668 but it was not until the early 20th Century that the Spanish began to expand into the interior, meeting stiff opposition from the Berbers which continued until the major Franco-Spanish expedition of 1925-1927 finally crushed resistance. Larache is a major harbour on the Moroccan Atlantic coast at the mouth of the River Loukkos and was taken by Spain in 1911." Source: 
This medal was gifted to Taranaki Museum as part of the collection of prominent south Taranaki lawyer John Houston.
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