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Object Detail

A bronze Memorial Plaque showing a robed and helmeted Britannia standing behind a lion. Britannia is holding a trident in one hand and a wreath in the other. Two dolphins are also pictured on the plaque and a small scene of a lion pouncing on an eagle features near the base of the plaque. " He Died for Freedom and Honour " is marked around the edge. " NOEL / LUTTRELL JORDAN " is also marked in a rectangular frame on the plaque. The plaque is enclosed in a folding cardboard enclosure and accompanied by a letter on Buckingham Palace letterhead. " I join with my grateful people / in sending you this memorial / of a brave life given for others/ in the Great War. " is written on the letter which is bears the signature of King George V. A small newsprint clipping of a photograph of Private Noel Luttrell Jordan has been kept with the plaque.
Primary Maker
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Subject Person
Credit Line
This memorial plaque was issued to the family of Private Noel Luttrell Jordan.
Accession No


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