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Object Detail

A representational early dairy factory cream can, made from turned and relief carved from swamp kauri. Inscribed with the words "The Cream Off The Top". Two brass handles on the sides with a iron/steel handle on the lid. Relief carving encompassing the middle circumference including four serpentine figures 3 with paua eyes, three figures are pierced by representational survey pegs, and a map outline of the Taranaki province with mountain peak. Above and below the serpentine figures are uncarved raised sections inlayed with another timber with surface motifs of Mount Taranaki, a cannon, a dairy cow, a bleeding heart pierced by an arrow, a feather, a tractor, a musket and a Christian cross.
In some areas large cracks in the timber have been filled with a wood filler (yellowish). The lid is representational and does not detach.
Sundgren, Hemi
Primary Maker
Production Date
Accession No


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