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A collection of research files, newspaper supplements and ephemera collected by staff at The Taranaki Herald newspaper offices.

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Folder 1. List of personal profiles appearing in the Taranaki Herald April 1954 - April 1955.

Unsigned cartoon of a seatedTaranaki rugby player contemplating a roast chicken with Mount ain in background. Undated.

First Day Cover. Royal N.Z. Society for the Health of Women and Children. 1957

Two copies of supplement to Taranaki Herald and Budget Saturday June 19, 1926. The Battle of Waireka.

Folder 2. Manuscript. Shane Robertson. Pig hunting inland from Eltham. Includes photograph.

Letter. From H.A. Wood regarding the article about the Stratford Fire that appeared in the 1953 Centennial Issue and adds his memories of the fire on his family farm.

Folder 3. Manuscript. Memories of New Plymouth and surrounding district as it appeared to Mr W. Devenish during period 1871/1886.

Folder 4. Letters to the Editor. Mrs Ella Hinz re 'The Father of Inglewood' and Frederick Earp. Reply from the Editor A. B. Scanlon. 4 October 1963

Folder 5. Typescript. 'In the steps of the Kiwis'. Arthur O'Leary. Includes photographs. c.1970

Folder 6. Manuscript. 'Difficulties of Inland Communication, New Plymoouth' (1841-1881). March 1950. H. K. Gruszning.

Folder 7. Manuscript. 'The Colonel and his band' by 'Hippo'. Article about the 11th Taranaki Rifles Regiment and it's Colonel W. G. Malone.

Folder 8. Letter and account of goods sold on his account to Mr Daniel Watkins, John Street, Regent Park, London. Sent by Mr J. Bishop, Port Lincoln, Decenber 1841

Folder 9. Manuscript. Reporter's notes on the proceedings in the Resident Magistrate's Court, New Plymouth against Te Whiti and Tohu of Parihaka. Published 14 - 15 November 1881

  Box 2

Folder 10. Photographic proofs of Douglas Elliot photographs. Used by Taranaki Herald.

Folder 11. "Bill n Rob" cartoons 1975. Bob Kerr and Burton Silver.

Letter addressed to George Koea, Editor of the Taranaki Herald and transcript of interviews with Prime Minister Robert Muldoon and Leader of the Opposition Wallace [Bill] Rowling. September - November 1975

Proof copies of cartoon strips with date of publication inscribed on each strip.

Folder 12.

Manuscript. Leader for 'Our Centennial'. A. B. Scanlan.

Typescript. Copy for an article about the Edwin Fox.

Typescript. Copy for an article about the schooner "Seagull".

Typescript. Copy for an article "Is there gold off the Taranaki Coast."

Typescript. Two verses submitted by Ivy V. Hutchings for a Centennial Song and a Tale of the Pioneers.

Supplement. 75th anniversary issue. Taranaki Herald. 4 August 1927

Pamphlet. "When Linotype was invented ". Outlines the history of Linotype.

Two Public relations Passes for the Taranaki Herald. Royal Visit 1953-54 and a PR Badge worn by the press. One pass has the name A. B. Scanlan inscribed, the other is blank.

Centennial Reunion of the staff of The Taranaki Herald Company. Souvenir programme, name tags and invitation. August 1952

Programme. Concert held to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the Taranaki Herald. August 4th 1912.

First Annual Dinner and presentation of Inkslingers' Cup. Taranaki Daily News and Taranaki herald & Budget. 4 October 1924

Folder 13. Maori language documents.

Ko nga katikihama ewha / na nga mihanere o te Hahi o Ingarani. Comprises two catechisms by William Yate revised and expanded ; the second Isaac Watts catechism ; and the Church Catechism.

Ture whakahaere i nga tuku whenua Maori = Native land disposition : whakawhaititanga. [Bill for the Native Land Disposition Act, 1885] 2 copies

Pamphlet. 'Te Ture Whakatau Rahui o te Tai Hauauru, 1892'. ["West Coast Settlement Reserves 1892"]. Extract from Kahiti, 15th March 1894 2 copies.

Nga Tikanga Whakahaere i raro i "Te Ture Whakatikatika 1887 i nga Ture Whakatau Rahui o te tai Hauauru" : (He mea tango mai, i te "New Zealand Gazette", Pepuere 9, 1888).["Regulations applying to confiscated land in Taranaki under the West Coast Settlements Reserves Acts Amendment Act 1887]

Pamphlet. Te Tangata i mate mo tona hoa. Printed at the office of the Rangitikei Advocate, Marton

Public Bill. 'The Unclaimed Lands Act, 1892'

Extract. "ko te kahiti o niu tireni". Shows Lands and Names from the South Taranaki Region 1886. From the New Zealand Gazette for Maori.

Folder 14.

New Zealand West Coast Commission Second Report. 1880

West Coast Settlement Reserves 1881

West Coast Royal Commission. 1881

Translation of West Coast Royal Commissioners' Reports of 1880

Regulations for the advertising, preparing and issuing agricultural leases of the West Coast Settlement Reserves. 1883

West Coast Royal Commission. 1883

West Coast Native Affairs. 1883. AJHR A-4

Ture Wahaktika, 1884 [West Coast Reserves Act, 1881, Amendment]

West Coast Royal Commission. 1884. AJHR A-5A

Notice. To Lessees holding Leases of West Coast Settlement Reserves from the Public Trustee. 1886

Form. Appointment of Umpire. Form for the appointment of an arbitrator re West Coast Settlement Reserves Amendment Act 1887.

Notice to Native Owners re surrender of lease and appointment of Arbitrator. Signed R.C. Hamerton, Public Trustee. 9 April 1888

Extract from New Zealand Gazette 5 January 1893. Notice to trespassers on Reserves under 'The West Coast Settlement Reserves Act, 1892'

Folder 15.

Rugby Cartoons drawn by Douglas Nankivell. Most drawn for the Taranaki Herald. Features Ferdinand the Bull and the Ranfurly Shield Challenges of 1965

1. Taranaki v. Bush at New Plymouth 1965 [challenge]

2. Taranaki v. Bush at New Plymouth 1965 [result]

3. Taranaki v. Wanganui at New Plymouth 1965

4. Taranaki v. Wellington at New Plymouth 1965 [challenge]

5. Taranaki v. Wellington at New Plymouth 1965 [challenge]

6. Taranaki v. Wellington at New Plymouth 1965 [result]

7. Taranaki v. Southland at New Plymouth 1965 [challenge]

8. Taranaki v. Southland at New Plymouth 1965 [result]

9. Taranaki v. Hawke's Bay at New Plymouth 1965 [challenge]

10. Taranaki v. Hawke's Bay at New Plymouth 1965 [result]

11. Unidentified [Auckland?] v. Taranaki [challenge]

12. Wlecome to Taranaki . Springboks. New Plymouth 1965

13. Sprinboks V. Taranaki at New Plymouth 1965 [the result]

Folder 16

Correspondence relating to Herky Moon and his 70 years of service to the Taranaki Herald includes a programme of the Presentation evening 1962 ; letters of acceptance ; Copy about Herky Moon and newspaper article 3 July 1962 ; notes on birth date of Herky Moon ; The ballad of Herky Moon.

Correspondence between Margaret Allington and Editor George Koea regarding glass plate negatives and information on St Mary's Church, New Plymouth October 1983

Black & white phototgraphic prints and newspaper articles about heart transplant operation and the newspaper articles written by Patricia (Tricia) Gribben. 9 June 1966

Correspondence on the Newspaper Proprietors' Association of New Zealand. 1941

Certificate of the New Plymouth Harbour Board Loan and Debenture 1878

Agreement between Taranaki Herald Company Ltd and Leslie Duncan Taylor, Linotype Operator. 9 December 1954

Notes to the Editor. On New Plymouth beach and foreshore erosion from 1900. Written by Roy Hopkins. 27 October 1968

Copy and photographic prints for an article about two Auckland men who captured images of the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II. 8 August 1981

Typescript. The Barque Harriet.

Copy of the New Zealand Printers', Machinists, Lithographers, Bookbinder, etc Award. 1938

Scrapbook. Egmont blocks. A series of copy prints of locations and huts around the Mt Egmont National Park.

Folder 17

Programme. Concert held for the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Taranaki Herald. 4 August 1912

Cover artwork for the Centennial Issue of the Taranaki Herald and proof copy of cover.

  Folder 1

Taranaki Herald Newspaper Supplement. 'The history of a colonial newspaper. August 27 1892

Taranaki Herald and Budget Newspaper Supplement. Special Diamond Jubilee number. 1837-1897 (Queen Victoria). July 8 1897

  Folder 2

Taranaki Herald Newspaper Supplement. 'Maps'. [World War Two]. Depicts the images Allied leaders on cover. Contains maps and text showing the progess of the War. ca. November 1943

  Folder 3

Taranaki Herald Newspaper Supplement. Centennial issue. 1852-1952

  Folder 4

Taranaki Daily News newspaper supplement. Centennial number. 1857-1957. May 14 1957

  Folder 5

Taranaki Herald newspaper supplement. 'Centennial '76 : 100 years of local government'. Part 1 and Part 2

  Folder 6

Stratford Press newspaper supplement. Centennial Feature. 1878-1978

  Folder 7

Taranaki Herald and Daily News newspaper supplement. Hawera : 100 years of local government. October 1981

  Folder 8

Taranaki Herald newspaper supplement. Taranaki Centennial number, 'Taranaki, 1841-1941'. March 29 1941(2 copies)

  Folder 9

Taranaki Herald newspaper supplement. Taranaki Education Board Centennial. 1868-1968. July 5 1968

  Folder 10

Taranaki Herald News newspaper supplement. Waitara Borough 50th Jubilee. 1904-1954

  Folder 11

Taranaki Herald newspaper supplement. Stratford 75th Jubilee number. 1878-1953. March 12 1954

Taranaki Herald newspaper supplement. Hawera 75th Anniversary. 1882-1957

Eltham Argus. Special supplement. 75 years of settlement. 1884-1959. March 4 1959

  Folder 12

Taranaki Herald newspaper supplement. Historical Record of World War Two. May 8 1945

  Folder 13

Taranaki Herald newspaper supplement. March of progress. New Zealand and Empire. Commerce and industries. 24 August 1937

Taranaki Herald newspaper supplement. Industries and commerce number. August 31 1938

Taranaki Herald newspaper supplement. Industries and commerce number. August 30 1939

Taranaki Herald newspaper supplement. Industries and commerce number. August 31 1940

Taranaki Herald newspaper supplement. Industry on the march. November 12 1963

Taranaki Herald newspaper supplement. Industry and commerce. 1987

  Folder 14

Taranaki Herald newspaper supplement. Coronation issue. May 11 1937

Taranaki Herald newspaper supplement. Coronation supplement. June 1 1953

  Folder 15

Taranaki Herald newspaper supplement. 75th anniversary Newton King Ltd. October 15 1954

Taranaki Herald newspaper supplement. Milestone in NZ Chemical Industry. Ivon Watkins Ktd. 1960

  Folder 16

Taranaki Herald newspaper supplement. New Plymouth Boys' High School anniversary. 1882-1932. March 26 1932

  Folder 17

Taranaki Herald newspaper supplement. 75th anniversary number of the Taranaki Herald. 1852-1927

Taranaki Herald newspaper supplement. A newspaper's progress. 1852-1930

  Folder 18

Taranaki Daily News farming supplement. September 29 1939

Taranaki Daily News primary production supplement. September 30 1940

Taranaki Daily News farming supplement. August 24 1965

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