Group of Rangiatea Hostel pupils from 1984. Pictured are; Back Row: L. Boyle, M. Turahui, R. Taylor, T. Savage, D. Batistich, D. James, T. Waiariki, T. Ruha, J. Toataua, D. Puhipuhi, R. Tauroa. 4th Row: T. Mita, J. Murray, D. Teata, N. Peri, C. Taera, W. Awarau, J. Kiu, S. Tahere, S. Waru, A. Fisher. 3rd Row: D. Drinkwater, D. Kaweroa, C. Rei, P. De Rungs, D. Hansen, W Hona, R. McKinley, S. Nicol, P. Kempton, M. Porter, Tia Tito (Night Portress). 2nd Row: D. Smith, D. Mananui, T. Mokaraka, M. Kempton, S. Nepia, D. Wharepapa, A. Ropata, B. Turner, W. Waho, A. Kerisome, P. Kumeroa, John Waru (Master), W. Waru. Front Row: D. Aull, S. Edwards, D. Toka, M. Topia, L. Hikuroa, D. Hacche, E. Wilson (Head Boy), P. Talaimanu (Deputy Head Boy), K. Butler, A. Burnard, F. Richardson, Hine Waru (Matron). In Front: K. Waru. Pictured in insets: Murray Paton (Trade Training Officer), Darryl Leatherby.
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