The collection includes a herd register for Thurlstone Jersies and selected herd testing annual returns from 1954 - 1978.
Thurlstone Jersey cattle breeders Alison and Wes Robinson farmed at Finnerty Road, Stratford from 1960-1980 when the herd was sold.
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  Part 1

Private Herd register. New Zealand Jersey Cattle Breeders' Association

Annual herd testing returns. 1954-1955 ; 1960-1961 ; 1967-1968 ; 1970-1971 ; 1977-1978

Herd information sheet. Thurlstone. Stratford Jersey Cattle Club field day. 19 March 1971

Herd information sheet. Thurlstone. 26 March 1979

Herd information sheet. Thurlstone. 26 April 1980

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