Group portrait of the attendees at the the Seventeenth Harbour Association of New Zealand Conference held in New Plymouth.
Back Row: E.N. Adams (Bluff), N.D. Cullen (Bluff), H. Meachen (Assistant Secretary), A.L. Burk (Lyttleton), J. Renton (Otago), G.A. Eddows (New Plymouth), R.C. Murphy (Gisborne), S. Vickers (New Plymouth), P.F. Higgins (Napier), E.A. Khull (Gisborne).

Third Row: G.M. Fraser (New Plymouth), W.R. Boon (Whakatane), I. Hedditch (Wanganui), C.G. Burgess (Wanganui), W.H. Hall (Timaru), A.N. Taylor (Auckland), T.M. Finnerty (Bluff), H. Holderness (Lyttleton), R.E. Cairns (Lyttleton), J.R. Harland (Napier), N.A. Murphy (Whangarei), E.L. Whimp (Whangarei), W.R. Johns (New Plymouth), T.J. Guthrie (Oamaru), S.L.C. Shepherd (Whangarei).

Second Row: W.J. Walker (Tauanga), J.D. Alach (Tauranga), C.G. Lucas (Whakatane), F.B. Maunder (Tauranga), P. McLennan (Auckland), H. Turner (Auckland), W.N. Austin (Hokianga), H. Chappell (Hokianga), W.L. Fitzherbert (Wellington), J.H. Brunt (Nelson), M.P. Congdon (Wellington), A. Jones (Nelson), R. Freeland (Auckland), G.H Meuli (Patea), J.D Hislop (Bay of Islands), A.I. Skudder (Bay of Islands), W.J. Gardner (Secretary).

Front Row: E.A Millward (Wanganui), W.C. Smith (Secretary, Maine), C.G. Hamilton (Bluff), E.J. Herrick (Napier), W.F. McCallum (Auckland), E.R.C. Gilmour (Mayor of New Plymouth), W.H. Price (President), J.L. Campbell (New Plymouth), C.W. Tyler (Lyttleton), W.R Clarke (Otago), Sir Charles Norwood (Wellington), D.A. Robertson (Dock and Harbour Assn., United Kingdom), A.J. Nicol (Gisborne).
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