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An aerial photograph of earthworks forming the shore end of the third wharf at the New Plymouth Port. The New Zealand Shipping Company's Taupo, is berthed at Moturoa Wharf near the top of the photograph. The Union Steam Ship Company's Kaitoa (left), and the Blue Star Lines Melbourne Star are berthed on one side of Newton King Wharf. The Dutch vessel Schie Lloyd is berthed at on the other side of Newton King Wharf.
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Ships identified in this photograph are Taupo (NZ Shipping Co) at Moturoa Wharf and at the nearer Newton King wharf are berthed the Union Steam Ship Co's Kaitoa (on the left), Blue Star Lines Melbourne Star berthed ahead of her and the Dutch vessel Schie Lloyd nearest the camera. The photo had to be taken on the afternoon of Wednesday Sept 28th 1966 (when the Taupo had arrived) or Thursday 29th Sept 1966 (Kaitoa sailed that evening).

- Keith J Dawson

Posted on 12-04-2015 01:51:02