Ivon Watkins-Dow Ltd

Company minutes for Ivon Watkins Ltd and associated companies and subsidaries. Staff publications, advertising, product information and publications associated with the agrichemical distributor and manufacturer. 1947 - 1996

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  Box 1

Register of Directors, Shareholders, Minutes. Oct 1952-Dec 2003

Ivon Watkins staff superannuation fund minute book. May 1955-Jul 1963

Ivon Watkins Register of members. May 1953 – Sept 1953

Register of shareholders no. 11. 1952 - 1955

  Box 2

Land Spray Services Ltd minute book. October 1964-May 1975

Landspray Services (Rotorua) Ltd. - Resolutions. August 1970 – May 1975

Landspray Services Ltd. Shareholders register. 1964 - 1971

Landspray Services (Rotorua) Ltd. Shareholders register. 1968-1971

J.H. Barbour & Son Ltd. Minute book. June 1947 – June 1962

Folder. J.H. Barbour & Son Ltd. Minutes. 1 June 1962 - 23 May 1975

Soil Sterilisation Services Ltd. - Resolutions. August 1970 – May 1975

Folder. Sale of IWD detergent manufacturing plant to Chemical Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 1977

  Box 3

Magnetic tape recording. 25 years celebrations. Featuring Mr W.G. Watts, Chairman of Directors ; Mr H.G. Lang, Secretary of the Treasury ; Mr Dan A. Watkins, Managing Director. 29 October 1969.

CD-R copy. Converted to digital recording 8 September 2009

Register of shareholders no. 11. 1953 - 1956

Register of directors (shareholders) no. 9. 1951 - 1973

Blades Chemicals. Resolutions. March 1970-May 1975

Fumigation Services Ltd. Shareholders register. 1970 - 1972

Kiwi Borer Co. - Resolutions. December 1970 – May 1975

Kiwi Borer Co. Ltd. Share register. 1970 - 1972

Vegetation Control Ltd. Shareholders register. 1970-1976

Soil Sterilisation Services. Shareholders register. 1970-1972

Blades’ Chemicals Ltd. Shareholders register. 1970-1972

Ivon Watkins Ltd. Share transfer register. 1960-1963

  Box 4

Pest & Plant Control Ltd. Directors’ minute book and list of directors. 1947-1962

Agricultural Services (NZ) Ltd. Minute book, share register, register of Directors. December 1955 - December 1961

Vegetation Control Ltd. Resolutions. September 1970 - November 1980

Vegetation Control Ltd. Minute book and share register. April 1964 - June 1969

Vegetation Control Ltd. Minute book. August 1969- September 1970

Fumigation Services Ltd. Resolutions. September 1970 - November 1980

  Box 5

Ivon Watkins Ltd. Manual of weed and pest control. Ivon Watkins Ltd., Technical Division. c.1960

Ivon Watkins-Dow Ltd. Manual of weed and pest control. c.1964

Folder.Ivon Watkins and Ivon Watkins-Dow. Weed and pest control manuals. 1957 - 1970

Folder.Ivon Watkins-Dow. Weed and pest control manual. 1978

  Box 6

Annual Report. Ivon Watkins Ltd. 1955 - 1963

Annual Report. Ivon Watkins-Dow Ltd. 1964 - 1986

Booklet. Dioxin: Dioxin. The thinking persons guide to a chemical controversy. Ivon Watkins-Dow Ltd. 1985

Booklet. DowElanco. A profile. ca.1990

Publication. Pacific Friends. September 1973, no. 5. Includes article "IWD joins the Dow family".

Tape recording. Interview with Don Brash, aged 90 years. 14 December 2006. Discusses Ivon Watkins Ltd. 1944-1960. Interviewer Allen Smith

Typescript. The IWD Years.

Folder 1.

Typescript. Reorganisation. Notes by D A Watkins. 20 May 1964

Staff information sheet on planning and implementing Field Days and Farmer Meetings. 12 October 1966

Memorandum of association and articles of association of Ivon Watkins Ltd. 1960

Memorandum of association and articles of association of Ivon Watkins Ltd. 1964

Poster (2). Named photographs and job title of the Agricultural Chemical Sales Division team 1965 and 1967

Speech notes. Staff meeting 29 April 1958. Mr D A Watkins. Outlines company history.

Typescript. Reorganization 1970. Release to staff. D A Watkins. 23 February 1969

Transcript for a radio interview between Dan Watkins and Mrs L.Swindall, NZBC. 13 October 1970.

Typescript. Marketing Dinner 4 April 1979. List of participants

Letter. Photocopy of letter from Nelson Johnston to Dr George Mason regarding the formation of Ag Serrians, a group of ex-staff wanting to document the history of Ivon Watkins-Dow Ltd.7 April 1983

Mailing list. Undated

Marketing mailing list. 1983-1984

IW Book mailing list. 30 December 1996 (amended 24 April 1997)

IW Book 4 and IW Book 6. Prompting list of topics and a chronolgical list of directors 1957 - 1986.

Folder 2.

Life and times of Paritutu. Ivon Watkins-Dow Ltd. ca.1967 (2 copies)

Booklet. IWD. Staff handbook. ca. 1968

Booklet. An introduction to Ivon Watkins Dow. Staff handbook. ca. 1975

Booklet. Welcome to Ivon Watkins-Dow Ltd. Employee relations Division. c.1980's

Booklet. Ivon Watkins-Dow Ltd. Our company. Guiding principles and core values. 1987

Booklet. Safe driving handbook. Ivon Watkins-Dow Ltd. 1984

Booklet. Your pay at DowElanco. ca. 1990

Booklet. DowElanco. Code of conduct policies. 1996

Booklet. DowElanco. Partnerships on the land. DowElanco (NZ) Ltd. c1990

Booklet. The service award program. DowElanco. Undated.Service Award brochure .

Booklet. Offer by Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals (N.Z.) Limited to purchase the ordinary shares of Ivon Watkins-Dow Limited. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals (N.Z.) Ltd., 1987

Folder. Material collected by Allen Smith, employee of IWD and DowElanco. 1983 - 1996. Includes 'Stories and yarns from the late 1950's to retirement' compiled by Allen Smith.

  Box 7

Weedone Spray Chart (2). Ivon Watkins Ltd. ca.1950

Ivon Watkins-Dow technical bulletins. 1977 - 1984

DowElanco. Product Guide. 2nd (1991) and seventh (1996) editions.

Booklet. Forestry establishment from pasture : Spot spraying release programme. DowElanco. 1992

Pasture renovation technical data brochure / compiled by the Technical Staff, Agricultural Chemicals Group, I.C.I. (N.Z.) Ltd. in collaboration with L.W. Blackmore. ICI New Zealand Ltd, 1964

Journal. Down to Earth. Issue vol. 35, no. 1. Fall 1978. Contains article "The 1978 update of 2,4,5-T".

Booklet. Pasture renovation in Winter rainfall areas and phalaris establishment. ICI. ca.1960

Table. Chemical weed control in drains and waterways by injection with 'Paraquat'. ICI Ltd. ca.1960

Booklet. Hill country gorse control / by P.S. Ferens. 3rd ed., 1961

Booklet. A guide to herbicide use in forestry establishment. DowElanco. 1994.

Product price lists. 1970-1997

Booklet. Institute of Noxious Plant Officers Inc. A brief history. 1950-1992

Agricultural spray operators handbook. Ivon Watkins Ltd. ca.1960

Operator's manual. The Sprayrite range. Ivon Watkins-Dow Ltd. [Imperial measurement]. ca.1970

Sprayrite operators hand book [metric]. Ivon Watkins-Dow. ca;.1980

Operator's manual. The Sprayrite range. Moller Industries Ltd. [metric]. ca.1980

Booklet. Aerial spraying : a guide to the application of agricultural chemicals from the air / [presented by Technical Service Department, Research Division, Ivon Watkins-Dow Ltd.] Ivon Watkins-Dow, 1983

Proceedings Master Distributors' Conference. Ivon Watkins 1958

Proceedings Master Distributors' Conference. Ivon Watkins 1959

Folder. Weedone. Master Distributors' Conference 24-25 May 1960. Agenda ; Ladies' Dinner menu (includes signatures of participants) at Imperial Hotel, New Plymouth ; Weedone Service Dinner at the Criterion Hotel, New Plymouth.

Advertising. Product mailers. IWD.

Folder. Weed & pest control manual. Schedules and labels. Vol. 1. 1970's.

  Box 8

Service : a review of agricultural and chemical progress. Ivon Watkins, Spring 1956 - Autumn 1973. [Missing years 1962 - 1967]. Two bound volumes.

Booklet. A closer look at the pesticide question for those who want the facts / [by Henry V. Lewert]. Dow Chemical Co., 1976

AGCARM review / published by Agricultural Chemical & Animal Remedies Manufacturers’ Federation of New Zealand. Issue no. 2, October 1978. Article Opening address to 31st annual conference NZ Weed and Pest Control Society by D A Watkins.

2,4,5-T: Setting the Record Straight.Dow Today ; commentary by John E. Donalds. Dow Chemical Company. 29 June 1979

Reprint. The Ivon Watkins-Dow case for 2,4,5-T : don’t cry wolf about 2,4,5-T when there isn’t one. Ivon Watkins-Dow, 1980

Paper. Assessment of toxic hazards of the herbicide 2,4,5-T in New Zealand : synopsis of presentations made to the Royal Society of New Zealand on the occasion of the Fellows’ Annual Meeting, 21 May 1980. Royal Society of New Zealand, 1980

Reference paper. The Status of 2,4,5-T Herbicide and the TCDD Dioxin, 1978. Ivon Watkins-Dow, 1978.

Report. The phenoxy herbicides. 2nd ed. Council for Agricultural Science and Technology, 1978.

Report. How risky are pesticides? Barrons, K.C. Jan 1987. Reprinted by Ivon Watkins-Dow in the interest of public communication.

Folder. IWD Product Information bulletins. 1980's.

Folder.IWD and DowElanco Product Information bulletins. 1980's.

  Box 9

Circular. Staff redundancies at Ivon Watkins-Dow. 7 August 1986

DowElanco (NZ) Ltd. Retirement plan for employees. June 1996

Folder 1. Newspaper clippings, photographs, ephemera.

Folder 2. 25 Year Celebrations 29 October 1969. Copies of addresses, photographs, ephemera.

Folder 3. Minutes. Ivon Watkins salaried officers association. 1955 - 1959

Folder 4. Office humour. Letters and envelopes mis-addressed to Ivon Watkins Ltd. 1949-1964 ; early social engagement with the BNZ [Bank of New Zealand]

Journals and newsletters:

Folder 5. Ivon Watkins Staff newsletter. 1957 - 1959

Enclosure. Copy of cartoon by Pat Barnard?. Caption "Melvyn always was the scientific type'. Depicts man on a tractor spraying from a IW drum while two cowboys on horseback watch across the fence.

Paritutu. IW house magazine. 1961-1964?

IWD Newsfront. For and about Ivon Watkins-Dow people. Sept. 1960 - Dec. 1973

IWD In and About. 1974 - 1987

IWD Formula. Product news from Ivon Watkins-Dow Ltd. Winter 1984 ; Winter 1985 (two issues)

Enclosure. Promotional material including notepads, labels.

IWD Quality Safety health news. 1987 - 1988 (3 issues)

Folder. Retirement and pension fund documents.

Programme. Dow AgroSciences Seventieth Celebration Dinner. 8 March 2014.

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