Three plans for the Patea Harbour Board showing the Suction Dredger, 1915
Thompson, R
Primary Maker
R Thompson
Production Date

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  Part 1

Plan 392: Patea Harbour Board. Plan of Pontoon Suction Dredger. General Arrangement. Contract No 5 Plan No 1

plan, elevation and fair leads

by RS Thomspn

51.5 x 88.5cm

Royal blue cartridge paper

17 Feb, 1915

  Part 2

Plan 393: Patea Harbour Board. Sand Pump for Suction Dredger Dredge

elevation, cross section and longitudinal section

by RS Thompson

71 x 96.5cm

Royal blue cartridge paper

17 Feb, 1915

  Part 3

Plan 394: Patea Harbour Board. Arrangement & Details of Suction Pipe and Cutter with Driving and Hoisting Gear for Pontoon Suction Dredger

by RS Thompson

70.5 x 98.5cm

Royla blue cartridge paper

17 Feb, 1915

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