Three plans showing drawings by John Thomson, John Carruthers and Sir John Coode for the New Plymouth Harbour Board, 1877, 1879, 1880
Thomson, John
Carruthers, John
Coode, John
Primary Maker
John Thomson
John Carruthers
John Coode
Production Date

Archive Contents

  Part 1

Plan 257: Sketch Drawing in Connection with My final Report to the Harbour Board, New Plymouth

by John Thomson

(Elevations and ground plans of Pier 1200)

51.5 x 68cm

Cartridge paper


  Part 2

Plan 260: New Plymouth Harbour Board. Drawing No 2. Signed by John Carruthers. Show c/s mole, c/s concrete floor and parapet, and detail of rail beams

53.5 x 73cm

Cartridge on linen

13 Dec, 1877

  Part 3

Plan 282 NP Harbour. Details of Moulds for Concrete Blocks. Drawing No 6

Signed and dated by Sir John Coode

58 x 92cm

Cartridge paper

March 1880

Accession No


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