Ten plans showing surveys of lands and roads for the New Plymouth Harbour Board,1879, 1920?,1921, 1924, 1927, 1928, 1929
Irvine, Charles
Sladden & Palmer
Stevens, A
Driver, R
Saxton & Urwin, Surveyors
Primary Maker
Charles Irvine
Sladden & Palmer
A Stevens
R Driver
Saxton & Urwin, Surveyors
Production Date

Archive Contents

  Part 1

Plan 162: Native Reserve No 1 Survey plan from Pioneer Rd to Bayly Rd.

Signed and dated by Charles D Irvine

47.5 x 65cm

Cartridge paper

17 Feb, 1879

  Part 2

Plan 164: untitled survey drawing showing Part A1-A4, foreshore at Waitara

By Sladden & Palmer

44.5 x 76cm


undated, 1920?

  Part 3

Plan 165: Sketch Showing Approximate Area of Wasteland on HR157 at Bell Block

By Sladden & Palmer

44 x 53.5cm


undated, 1920?

  Part 4

Plan 167: untitled land plan showing Part Section 811, (DP3830), Part L, Part A & new Pailway Reserve

Traced by A Stevens

69.5 x 66.5cm


29 Feb, 1928

  Part 5

Plan 168: New Plymouth Harbour Board Improved Road & Rail Access to Port - Plan showing exchange of land with Railway Board

Traced J.A.L.

52 x 93.5cm

Thick cartridge paper

March, 1928

  Part 6

Plan 169: New Plymouth Harbour Board Improved Road & Rail Access to Port

Drawn and traced by RP Driver

57 x 99cm


Dec, 1927

  Part 7

Plan 176: Land Required for Road Widening in Connection with Harbour Improvement Scheme

48 x 53.5cm



  Part 8

Plan 178: Proposed Reserve, Fitzroy (as mentioned in Harbour Engineers Report 14/4/21)

by Harbour Engineer

43.5 x 66cm


14 Apri, 1921

  Part 9

Plan 177: Plan of Subdivision of Part Section 811 Grey District (now lot 14 DP 8465)

by Saxton & Urwin, Surveyors

44 x 41.5cm

Blue linen

March, 1929

  Part 10

Plan 191: New Plymouth Harbour Board Improved Road and Rail Access to the Port

Print showing properties in Wharf Street

Drawn by CS Judd

63 x 100cm

Cartridge paper

27 Dec, 1928

Accession No


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