Seven plans for the Patea Harbour Works done by Charles Finnerty, Chairman of the Patea Harbour Board, John Thomson, Resident Engineer, and Leslie Reynolds, Advising Engineer for Patea Harbour Works, 1897; 1901; 1903
Finnerty, Charles
Thomson, John
Reynolds, Leslie
Primary Maker
Charles Finnerty
John Thomson
Leslie Reynolds
Production Date

Archive Contents

  Part 1

Plan 83: Patea Harbour Board. Guide Pier and Embankment. Section of each.

Initialled and dated by Charles Finnerty

43.5 x 58cm on 45 x 58.5cm

Linen on cartridge

23 June, 1897

  Part 2

Plan 84: Plan of Guide Pier on North Side of Patea River.

Designed by John Thomson

Initialled and dated by Finnerty

76.5 x 86.5cm on 77.5 x 52cm

Linen on cartridge paper

section at top mended with thick card

29 June, 1897

  Part 3

Plan 85: Copy of MC2137. Guide Pier for North Side Patea River

Initialled and dated by Finnerty.

Note added "Guide Pier Built in Accordance with This"

71 x 49.5cm on 76 x 71cm

Linen on cartridge paper

backing torn at top

23 June, 1897

  Part 4

Plan 88: Patea Harbour. Plan Showing Section of Channel taken 1877, 1897 and 1901.

Signed and dated by Reynolds

71 x 97.5cm on 71 x 104cm

Linen on cartridge paper

1 June, 1901

  Part 5

Plan 92: Proposed Repairs to Seaward End of Pier

Signed and dated by Reynolds

30.5 x 47.5cm on 63.5 x 47.5cm

Linen on cartridge

One of three parts on same backing (1/3)

30 Oct, 1903

  Part 6

Plan 93: Proposed Protection of Root End of Groyne: Sketch with estimate, referred to in report of 30 Oct, 1903

18 x 26cm on 63.5 x 47.5cm

Cartridge on cartridge 2/3

Oct, 1903

  Part 7

Plan 94: Draft letter from Reynolds to Board Secretary regarding damage to the Guide Pier

32.5 x 20.5cm on 63.5 x 47.5cm

Cartridge on cartridge 3/3

Oct, 1903

Accession No


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