Six plans relating to the New Plymouth Harbour Works from various sources, some signed, some unsigned, 1866; 1900
Balfour & Boyne
Thomson, John
Primary Maker
Balfour & Boyne
John Thomson
Production Date
Primary Prod Period

Archive Contents

  Part 1

Plan 19: New Plymouth Breakwater General Plan

94 x 67.5

Cartridge paper


(Also identified as 5/29)

  Part 2

Plan 20: Taranaki Harbour. Sections of Proposed Moles (Sheet 2)

by Balfour and Doyne showing figures 1-7

61 x 91cm

cartridge paper

26 Dec, 1866

(Also identified as 5/25)

  Part 3

Plan 21: Plan Showing Available Ground in Blockyard

Stamped by Olave Deacon

51 x 68.5cm

Cartridge paper


(Also identified as 5/10)

  Part 4

Plan 22: New Plymouth Breakwater Proposed railway line in blockyard

Plan prepared according to J.R. Ree's sketch

64 x 98cm

Cartridge paper

Feb 1880

(Also identified as 5/12)

  Part 5

Plan 31: New Plymouth Breakwater. Cross Section Showing Temporary Parapet & Permanent One as Designed.

Signed by John Thomson

33.5 x 47.5cm


17 Dec, 1884

(Also identified as 5/36)

  Part 6

Plan 68: Part Breakwater, New Plymouth Harbour

Survey drawing, railway reserve, and Moturoa Wharf Approach

35.5 x 53.5cm

Drafting cloth

undated, 1938?

Accession No


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