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Object Detail

A white painted iron child's cot. The cot has casters on two of its legs and can be separated into five pieces. There are four round detachable wooden knobs at the corners.
Credit Line
This cot originally belonged to Frank Campbell. He was the first infant who used it while being cared for at his family home in Waikato. He later also used it for his own daughter Beverley. In the 1950s it was used in Manawatu by the family of Beverley's brother, Bob Campbell. The cot came to Taranaki with Beverley Scott during the 1960s and was used by her two children. Beverley donated the cot to Puke Ariki in 2009 because she said the next generation of her family did not want to use it " because the slats on the side are not quite close together enough today."
Beverley remembers that the cot was a good one and easy to store, but it did cause some problems. She remembers one occasion where her son got his head stuck in a gap between the slats and had to be rescued. Luckily there was no harm done. Another nerve wracking incident was when one of her children broke one of their glass milk bottles on the metal.
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