An audiovisual recording of an interview with Jack Elliot of New Plymouth (Reg. no. 37015), who joined the 4th Reinforcements, 25th Battalion, 18 Platoon, New Zealand Army during the Second World War. He recalls joining the army as a Private, experiences on Greece, action in the North African Desert, he describes action at Point 175, Rugbet en Nbeidat on the 23 November 1941 where he was captured and made Prisoner of War and life as a POW in various camps.
Includes photographs of Jack in uniform, images from the desert and some when he was captured POW.
Cleaver, Ray
Primary Maker
Ray Cleaver
Production Date
February 2009
Subject Person

Archive Contents

  Part 1

Research DVD (1 hr 28min.)

  Part 2

Master DVD (1hr 28min.)

  Part 3

Digital file

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