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On the 27th August 1903 a memorial cross in the St Mary's Church grounds was unveiled commemorating Taranaki troopers who died in the South African war of 1899-1902. In the form of a Celtic Cross, the memorial was designed, and its erection supervised by Archdeacon Walsh.
Walsh also designed the Marsden Cross which stands at Oihi Bay, Te Tii, Northland.
Original plans and concept drawings by Philip Walsh for the Marsland Hill Memorial competition, the Marsden Cross, an unidentified Military Cross memorial and the South African War Memorial Cross located at St Mary's Church, New Plymouth. 1901-1908
Walsh, Philip H.
Primary Maker
Philip H. Walsh
Production Date
Subject Person

Archive Contents

  Part 1

1. Military memorial plan, front elevation and vertical section. Signed Philip Walsh 12/1/1908

2. Marsden Cross design. Front and side elevations and sections.

3. Military Cross memorial. Philip Walsh Sept. 7 1907

4. Detail plan of military cross. P. Walsh 7/9/1907

5. South African War memorial cross

6. South African War memorial cross. P Walsh 5/12/1901

7. Marsden Cross no.1 design. P Walsh 10/8/1906

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