Originally built in 1866 as the Egmont Steam Flour Mill, this Powderham Street building has also served as a retail outlet for the Farmer's Co-operative (Taranaki), a venue for craft stalls and at the time of cataloguing, a restaurant and night club.
Thirteen measured drawings created in 1979 by Jenny Lobb, the plans include ground floor and elevation and cross section plans of the original mill. Commissioned by the Taranaki Museum.
Goddard, Jenny
Primary Maker
Jenny Goddard
Production Date
Subject Person

Archive Contents

  Part 1

1. Concept drawing, includes sketches of the flour mill in 1866 and 1979

2. Existing ground floor plan. 1979. Scale 1:50

3. Elevation. Powderham Street. 1979

4. Elevation. Powderham Street. 1866

5. Elevation. Carrington Street. 1979

6. Side elevation. 1866

7. Elevation. Vivian Street. 1866

8. Typical cross section. 1866

9. Basement plan. 1866

10. Ground floor plan. 1866

11. Level 2 floor plan. 1866

12. Level 3 floor plan. 1866

13. Loft plan. 1866

14. Ceiling details Level 2 and Level 3. Sketch by Ron Lambert.

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