At the request of Governor George Grey, Frederick Thatcher designed a Colonial Hospital for New Plymouth. The Elizabethan style hospital was opened in 1848 and predominantly served the Maori population. Originally built in Mangorei Road, the building was later purchased by Mary King, wife of Newton who moved it to the King property, now Brooklands Park.
Measured drawings of the floor plan and four elevations of the New Plymouth Colonial Hospital (The Gables) drawn by Jenny Lobb for the Taranaki Museum December 1979. Also a history of the Colonial hospital compiled by Margaret Brooker 1979.
Goddard, Jenny
Primary Maker
Jenny Goddard
Production Date
December 1979

Archive Contents

  Part 1

1. Concept drawing

2. Lower and upper floor plans. Scale 1:50

3. Elevations. West and South. Scale 1:50

4. Elevations. East and North. Scale 1:50

5. Brief history of the Colonial Hospital, New Plymouth. Compiled by Margaret Brooker. 3p. 1979 and a copy of a folded leaflet on The Gables. Written by G. Lambert. c1985

Three reproductions of the measured drawings on paper.

Accession No


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I am researching my family history. The information I have is that my great grandmother and grandfather arrived in 1880, she, Jane Baxter Young nee Ross becoming Matron of the New Plymouth 'cottage' hospital which I believe could be the Gables and he Alexander Young a chemist becoming the dispenser. Do you have or know where I might find this type of history of the people that worked in the colonial hospitals of New Plymouth at this time?

- Leonie Harris

Posted on 04-06-2020 08:25:28