Measured drawings of the site plan, cross section, floor plan and elevations for Plas Mawr, a Chapman Taylor house on the corner of Standish Street and Wallace Place, New Plymouth. The house was designed and built for Mr and Mrs C H Burgess in 1913.
Re-drawn by Jenny Lobb in 1980 for the Taranaki Museum.
Chapman-Taylor, James Walter
Goddard, Jenny
Primary Maker
James Chapman-Taylor
Jenny Goddard
Production Date
January 1980

Archive Contents

  Part 1

1. Perspective drawing

2. Lower and upper floor plans. Scale 1 : 50

3. North East and North elevations. Scale 1 : 50

4. South West and South elevations. Scale 1 : 50

5. East and North West elevations. Scale 1 : 50

6. Site plan. Scale 1 : 200 ; Typical door. Scale 1 : 20. Cross section. Scale 1: 50.

Accession No


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