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Plans include drawings by Frank Messenger of the original designs for the church and altar, also the memorial addition for Archdeacon Govett and a colour coded floor plan showing alterations to the church by different architects & builders.
Messenger, Francis John
Primary Maker
Frank Messenger
Production Date

Archive Contents

  Part 1

1) Proposed alteration to door of church.

2) Design for church floor plan and front elevation. F Messenger, architect.

3) Detail of doors and frames.

4) Sketch of altar.

5) Hand coloured sketch design for altar.

6) Preliminary altar sketch in wood.

7) End view of seat and letter from Henry Brown. F Messenger, architect, and letter dated 1 June 1904.

8) Govett Memorial addition. Present floor plan. Frank Messenger, architect, 1914. (Part 4 of set).

9) Ground floor plan and basement. F Messenger, architect. 9 November 1914. (Part 1 of set).

10) Blueprint. North & East elevations. F Messenger, architect. 9 November 1914

11) Blueprint. Section A-B, C-D. F Messenger, architect. 9 November 1914

12) Sections A-B, C-D, elevation, present plan, new ground and first floor plans. F Messenger, architect, 1915.

13) North and East elevations (matted). F Messenger, architect. 9 November 1914. (Part 2 of set).

14) Sections A-B, C-D, E-G, F-HH. F Messenger, architect. 9 November 1914. (Part 3 of set).

15) Plan and elevation of platform.

16) Plan of church showing alterations during the years. Colour coded to show different architects and builders.

17) Sketch of church.

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