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Object Detail

A hand made cardboard book of wool samples dyed using various plant based material during World War II. The book has a brown cardboard cover and has 4 cardboard pages bound to the cover with red cotton tape. Three of the pages have small strands of dyed wool threaded through holes punched at the edge of the page. Each strand is accompanied by handwritten notes in pencil beside it detailing materials and methods used. " Pussy willow bark alum " is a typical example of this. " Dyes used during the / war for socks , sea / boot stockings etc. / Experiments made so that / buyers of spinning wheels / could be informed. " is handwritten on the front in black pen. " (1939-45 war) " is written lightly in pencil in different handwriting on the cover. The book is accompanied by a collection of papers with various notes on dyeing methods.
Primary Maker
Credit Line
This sample book was compiled by artist and spinning wheel maker John Lysaght Moore.
Accession No


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