Enter one or more words you wish to search for. For more specific results:

  • Search on a phrase - "65th Regiment"
  • Force the results to include a word +photograph
  • Exclude a word -buildings
  • Search on part of a word paint*

Through the Detailed Search page you can search on multiple pieces of information in combination. For example, you can see a list of all of the makers of objects on our website from the Maker field and can search on a range of years that objects were made using the Production Date start and end options.

We have selected groups of objects from our collections that relate to selected themes and points of interest. Click on the thumbnail to see the details of the related collection objects.

Browsing Search Results

On the search results pages you have several options for how you view the objects:

  • List view: The briefest view, with identifying information for each record displayed as a single line of a list
  • Label view: Basic identifying and descriptive information
  • Lightbox view: An image-based view, with only basic identifying information

To switch between display modes click on the list, label or lightbox icon on the results page. You can click on the image or linked record text to go to the Detail view for a specific result.


Your shortlist is a place to keep a separate list of results that are interesting or relevant to you. This list will be maintained throughout your current session, regardless of other searches you make. However, your shortlist will not be saved or maintained after you have left the Browser catalogue.

Use the star icon under each object or the More Options -> Add All to Shortlist option at the top of the results page to build up your shortlist. You can use ‘My shortlist’ to view the shortlist and you can use the unselect the star icon to remove records from your shortlist.