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Plan of the Tauranga-ika Pa [Waitotara District] which was abandoned by Titokowaru when attacked by the Colonial Force under Colonel Whitmore, Feb. 3 1869. Scale: 3 feet to 1 inch. Size: 42cm x 57cm.
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In 1997, Olivia Haddon researched and wrote a biographical essay on her paternal grand-uncle. The essay is titled 'Oriwa T. Haddon, 1897-1961 : an account of the art work and life of Oriwa T. Haddon'.
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One mile to the inch topographical map of the Waitotara River and headwaters. Relief shown by contours and spot heights.
Issued as N130 in the series NZMS 1. New Zealand. Dept. of Lands and Survey.
Scale 1:63,360 ; Transverse Mercator proj. (E 174°32°24°-E 175°1°18°/S 39°29°25°-S 39°44°29°).
Accession No

Published map of the Taurakawa Survey District 1949. Shows boundaries of survey districts and survey blocks. The course and localities along the Waitotara River and Omaru Stream.
W Gordon delt. New Plymouth February 1904. Additions and corrections 1949.
813mm x 723mm.
Accession No

Cadastral map of the village of Matapouri (on the Waitotara River), surveyed by G.H. Bulllard. 1894
Size: 33 x 28 cm.
Scale 1:5,280.
Accession No

An oral history recorded in June 1981, Arthur Lethbridge recounts life in the small district of Ngutuwera, inland between Waverley and Waitotara. He talks of school and his teachers and describes milking the 80 cows on his parents 115 acre farm.
0.4 Lived inland between Waverley and Waitotara at a place called Ngutuwera. The place had a creamery, Hall and a Post Office.
2.3 Moved to Ngutuwera in 1910, having lived at Omarunui. Talks of school and the teachers.
4.8 Lived near a fairly large pa [not named], names some of the Maori families in the district. Went to school with many Maori children, only English was spoken at school.
7.8 Dances were held in a large hall.
9.8 Talks of farming life. Arthur and his sisters hand milked 115 cows.
12.2 Tape ends.
Interviewer: Janet Old
Abstraction: Carol Sampson
Date: June 1981
Accession No

The records consist of salary papers, in the form of Treasury vouchers for a group of policemen of the Opunake - Hawera Police, that included a number of Maori enlisted with the rank of Private. Signatures of individuals on vouchers.
Included is one land purchase deed and two land purchase / takoha compensation claims.
Accession No

Oral history. Interview with Muriel Goldup (nee Fitness) about her childhood at Huiroa, Waitotara and Toko.
Date: 21 May 2008
Interviewer: Marilyn Armitstead
Abstract: none
Restrictions: none
Accession No