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Scrapbooks collected by the New Plymouth City Council Public Realations Office relating to the subjects of industry, historical, hobbies and promotional related newspaper clippings from or about New Plymouth.
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John James Weston along with his wife Mary and five sons John, Warwick, Thomas Shailer, Henry and William Joseph arrived in New Plymouth, from England, on the passenger ship the Mariner in October, 1850. In 1867 Garland Woon retired as proprietor from the Taranaki Herald and Henry Weston became the sole owner of New Plymouth's first newspaper. However, Henry did not rely wholly on the paper for a living; he also earned an income as the New Plymouth agent for the New Zealand Insurance Company. Henry also was the chairman of the directors of the New Plymouth Investment and Loan Society and a trustee of the New Plymouth Savings Bank. He has been associated with Thomas Kelly in raising £200,000 to establish the New Plymouth harbour and he became chairman of the sinking fund commissioners for the harbour board. In 1895 Henry gave up editorship of the Herald, being succeeded by W.J. Penn. In 1901 was joined in management of the Herald by his nephew Walter Crowley Weston, son of Thomas Shailer. Together uncle and nephew guided the paper for just six years short of 100 years. Henry Weston died in 1920, aged 82.
This collection consists of a 1889 calendar for Henry Weston - agent for the New Plymouth branch of the New Zealand Insurance Company, a letter dated 19 July 1910 to Henry Weston from H.D. Rates, thanking Weston for providing Rates with papers accounting of the late Chieftain Taane Waitara, a one page newspaper article titled "Family's 100 years with the Herald" published in the Taranaki Herald 11 November 1967 and a handwritten Weston family tree.
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