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Copy of a manuscript map of the' Urenui Block' showing lands allocated to Captain Good's Native Contingent, No. VI, Taranaki Military Settlers. Compiled from recent Government Surveys and the topographical features of the country filled in by W H Burgoyne, Surveyor. Clifton January 1867.
440mm x 270mm
Accession No

Map titled 'The "Sap" Huirangi Dist approaching maori position at Te Arei 1860-61', showing the site of 'The Sap'. The site was dug by soldiers under the command of General Pratt along the ridge towards Te Arei in 1861. Map includes the course of the Waitara River and some topographical features. Unknown scale.
Accession No

Plan of the Tauranga-ika Pa [Waitotara District] which was abandoned by Titokowaru when attacked by the Colonial Force under Colonel Whitmore, Feb. 3 1869. Scale: 3 feet to 1 inch. Size: 42cm x 57cm.
Accession No