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Based on conversations with Doreen Devereux Pollard (nee Armstrong), topics covered include information on pa, a massacre on 'Maori Hill', Pungarehu, 'mysterious trenches' , urupa, a description of Pungarehu in the 1920s, family life, Parihaka, memories of the farm, family information, the tollgate, Maori/Pakeha relations and interaction, gardening, depression schemes, rock carvings etc. While primarily Doreen Pollard's memories, the notes also include comments contributed by others.
The research notes were compiled by Coral Beadle. The finished work illustrates the history of the Pungarehu area from the late 1880s to C1970.
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Oral history. An interview with Dorothy Radford by Colin Radford [brother] talking about life farming up the Mokau River. Created as part of research towards a thesis Rural depopulation and resettlement for an MA in Sociology, Auckland University. 1982
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A copy of a reminiscence written by May Cassie about her family experiences developing a farm known as Braeside on the Newall Road, Warea.
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