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Small rectangular cardboard Hydatids advertisement. White ground with crimson text and illustration. Pink rear. Heading reads "BLOT OUT HYDATIDS" Has an image of a cocker spaniel holding a sign in its mouth which reads "Don't feed me raw offal". Diagram on the right demonstrates how hydatids are transmitted. Text lower left corner reads" *Offal included Liver, Lungs, Hearts and Kidneys. / The diagram shows how hydatids can be spread. You will be safe from hydatid disease if all dogs are kept away from raw offal. The testing of dogs helps to find those which are eating raw offal and makes them safe companions. *Remember to wash fruit before eating it. * Always wash your hands before you eat." Issued by the National Hydatids Council.
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The Urenui Collie Club was established in April 1948 for the purpose of sheep dog trialling. A clubhouse on Wilson Road, Urenui was erected on land belonging to Ronald Andrews. The club was disbanded in 1987.
The collection consists of minute books, financial records and trial results for the club.
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