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Formed in 1868, the New Plymouth Schools Committee oversaw a number of schools including Courteney Street, Gill Street, Wesleyan, East, East Infants, West, Fitzroy and Frankley Road Schools.
The records consist of official minutes 1880-1884, a letter book 1882-1886, general correspondence 1880-1905 and misc papers which include staff appointments, truancy and absenteeism notes.Each folder has an index which contains a brief description of each item, including the names of those involved (pupils, teachers, caretakers, parents, committee members etc.).
Folder 13 contains a petition with signatures from parents, guardians etc. at West Infants School, 1900.
Folder 14 contains a petition with signatures from parents, and neighbours at Fitzroy, 1883.
Folders 24 and 25 contains receipts and tenders from local businesses, some on business letterheads.
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A pass for the Urenui Native Contingent dated 21/10/1879 and signed by Major Stapp
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On the 13 January 2001, the original bridge over the Mokau River was closed. Work was proceeding on the construction of a replacement, between 7pm Saturday and 10am Sunday all public access to State Highway 3 ceased.
The collection consists of a public notice announcing the impending closure of the old bridge and warning local residents to make sure, that they are on the side of the river on which they intend staying that night and a programme outlining the closure procedure on the evening of January 13th.
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The records consist of minutes of meetings 1893 - 1985 ( the first minute book is missing), inward correspondence 1883 - 1967 (incomplete), outward correspondence 1883 - 1933 and other miscellaneous papers.
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The history and location of this store has not been researched and the above title is presumed to be incomplete
The note book appears to have been compiled to assist with the delivery of goods. It is alphabetically listed with the names and addresses of customers. Also included are occasional clues to help identify houses.
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Established in 1963, the Fitzroy Inner Wheel collection includes the Minutes of the Committee meetings 1963 - 1997 (mins for 1977 - 84 are missing), some financial statements and correspondence. Includes the inaugural minutes.
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A full record of company proceedings over 3 decades consisting of cash books (5 vols) spanning 1893-1913, a journal of financial transactions (1894-1904), 5 volumes of ledgers (1892-1906), copies of outward letters from 1901-1905 (2 vols), consignment books recording transportation of goods (2 vols, 1901-1904), 8 volumes of day-books (1901-1911) and a butter credit book (282p, 1900-1902), shareholder register 1885-1889.
24 volumes.
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The Country Women's Institute (CWI), or Women's Institute as it was named up to 1952, was set up to provide country women with support and education. It encouraged home crafts and cultural work, such as music, drama, and arts and crafts; took an active part in rural events, such as A&P shows; provided community services, such as charitable donations, housekeeping for sick members and hospital visiting; and acted as a training ground for women in local body politics
The Frankley Road Institute was formed in March 1934 and went into recess on April 5th 1988
The records consist of a full run of monthly meetings from 1934 - 1988 and committee minutes 1939 - 1987.
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The records consist of minutes of monthly and annual meetings 1958 - 1988, minutes of committee meetings 1959 - 1987 and a visitor's book.
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The New Plymouth Chapter was formed c1946. While mentoring young men, the chapter organised an annual mardi gras and conducted fundraising ventures, the proceeds of which were used in community projects such as the development of children's playgrounds and other philanthropic works.
Initially a mens' organisation, women were invited to join Jaycees c1979.
The records consist of minutes of board meetings, photographs of Board members, community projects undertaken by the New Plymouth Jaycee Inc.
During the 1950s and 1960s, The New Plymouth Jaycees and Junior Chamber of Commerce (a youth group mentored by New Plymouth Jaycees) were involved in a number of community projects including construction of the Bowl of Brooklands and Zoo. Some of these projects were filmed by Malcolm McAlpine, who was a Jaycee at that time. McAlpine later gave the 8 mm film to the Jaycees as a record of their work and activities.
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Initially known as the New Plymouth Civic Affairs Organisation, the New Plymouth Progressive Association was active in the community every three years, prior to the local body elections; their aim being to ensure the best possible candidates stood for Council and the Hospital and Harbour Boards.
The records reflect the activities of the Association prior to the 1968 local authority elections. It includes minutes, information on public meetings, newsletters and newspaper clippings.
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A record book for the Urenui Post Office, 1930-1954. The book illustrates how the postmaster managed the routine activities of his office. It includes information on which staff were key holders, and telegram, mail and parcel statistics etc.

Urenui Post Office was opened in 1867 and was operational for approximately six months. It reopened again in 1877 and operated until June 30th 1989. For further information see Postmark Taranaki by Robin Startup and Andrew McNiven, Tarapex '86.
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Dr George Home served with the Wellington Battalion during the World War I.
One copy of Virginibus Pueisque and other papers by Robert Loius Stevenson, Chatto and Windus, London 1918. This publication bears the stamp NZ Hospital No 3, Codford, 25th Dec 1918 and has been inscribed 'Officer Commanding to Matron. Submitted herewith per Christmas Tree for your consideration please, George Home Lt Col."
Also a collection consisting of photocopies documents illustrating Home's military history supplied by the New Zealand Defence Force and extracts describing his military service taken from The New Zealand Medical Service in the Great War, 1914-1918 based on official documents. By A. D. Carbery. Auckland, Whitcombe & Tombs, 1924.
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The Taranaki International Women's Group emerged from the 1993 Suffrage celebrations. Twenty races/countries were represented at the first luncheon held in October 1993.
Over the next few years, the group organised international dinners and luncheons, supporting and encouraging each other to celebrate unique aspects of their own and others cultural differences.
The collection includes some minutes, membership lists, newspaper clippings etc. 1993 - 1995
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The Taranaki Alpine Club was established in April 1930, L.V. Bryant being the founder and first club captain. The aim of the club is to foster alpine climbing, skiing and tramping.
Tahurangi Hut was built in 1935 and dismantled during the building of Tahurangi Lodge in 1968.
Kahui Hut was completed in 1903 and rebuilt in 1955 by the Kahui Alpine Club.
The papers consist of log books from Tahurangi Hut, 1935-1945, 1945-1951 and 1982-1983 and Kahui Hut 1911-1930 plus club correspondence and meeting minutes from 1980 to 2000.
Minute book. Feb. 1930 - Oct. 1944
Taranaki Alpine Club Bulletins no. III (3) - 27 May 1935
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The forerunner of the Cardiff Dairy Company was the Cardiff Co-operative Butter Packing Factory, formed in 1888.
The Cardiff Dairy Company was formed in 1891 and merged with Stratford, Eltham and Normanby Dairy Companies to become the Taranaki Cooperative Dairy Company (1965).
The records include a complete run of minutes from 1890 - 1935, register of members 1891 - 1897 and the share register 1891 - 1935.
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Formed in 1895, the Mangorei Dairy Company produced butter. In 1910, the company took over Hurworth Dairy Company and installed a skim milk plant. Amalgamation with the Rotokare Dairy Company took place in 1938 and the company continued operating until 1964 when it amalgamated with Moa Farmers Co.
Contains the published director's reports and balance sheets for the years 1939-1964.
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The records consist of tenders and specifications for roading within the St Aubyn Town Board area. 1912
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The New Plymouth Aero Club was established in 1928 and proceeded to develop an air field at Bell Block. In 1934, the Airport Board was formed (constituted in 1933 under the NP Airport Act) and the new body took over the Aero Club's field. The airport was used during the World War II as a Airforce training station. In 1960, the Airport Board was dissolved and replaced with a Board giving Taranaki wide representation.
The records include two minute books 1939 - 1960 and a register of persons upon whom the freedom of the airport has been conferred, including Kingsford Smith, Ulm and Felix Bellringer.
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A ten section tram ticket issued by the New Plymouth City Transport. James Lobb and Co Ltd advert on reverse. Belonged to Coral Wallis. c1940
A New Plymouth Tramways ticket for a single ride. Cost 4d. Undated
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The New Zealand Insurance Company Ltd's New Plymouth building was designed by Thomas Bates in 1920 and situated in Devon Street East, located on the lower part of the south side of the 'Devon St hill' not far from the corner of Devon and Currie Streets. It was demolished in the 1970s or 1980s.
The folder contains a copy of the building specifications, a photocopy of photographs of the Devon Street frontage (possibly in the image collection), a covering letter from Bruce Henderson Keith Scott & Partners Oct 30 1980s a plan of the building copied by Bruce Henderson Keith Scott and Partners from the original drawing by Thomas Bates.
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Burgess Fraser and Co Ltd was a merchant and importer operating in the mid 1990s. It closed in 1987.
The records consist of the official signed Directors Annual Reports to Shareholders 1959 - 1975.
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Garrison orders issued by Col. Warre and read out at a full parade of troops at New Plymouth 10 April 1864. It reports on investigations into the battle at Ahuahu at which Capt Lloyd, Private Jeremiah Dooley, George Sadler, all of the 57th Regt and Corporal H Banks, Privates James Nagel and H Bartley and John Gallager were killed.
The orders reprimand other soldiers who were in the area at the time and stops short of accusing them of cowardice.
The order consist of three sheets of paper and the fourth item is a label which was in the original frame giving a title for the order and advising that it was presented by W F Gordon. This is written in Gordon's hand.
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Formed on 21st March 1976, the Taranaki Polish Centennial Committee organised a funtion to mark the centennial of Polish emigration.
A complete set of minutes recording meetings of the Taranaki Polish Centennial Committee.
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In the early 1980s the Taranaki Museum produced series of five facsimiles of public notices from the Taranaki Provincial Council collection held in the archive.
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