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Red and yellow flowers in a garden at Pukekura Park, New Plymouth. Several large trees and the roof of a building are visible in the background. Rendered predominantly in greens, red, yellow, black and purple.
Accession No

Inkjet print of original Graham Kirk painting titled "Batman and Robin at Pukekura Park". The busts of Batman and Robin, dressed in costume, are pictured lower left. They appear to be looking at a computer screen. Behind them is a view of Pukekura Park from the Boating Lake, looking towards Poet's Bridge and Mount Taranaki in the background. Lush green vegetation rings the Lake. A duck is visible on the water lower right and another is visible immediately behind Batman.
Accession No

Small watercolour, possibly of Pukekura Park or a lake at Ardendale, the Arden family home on Frankley Road, New Plymouth.
Painting depicts lake with water lillies in lower right foreground. Thick bush to lake edge in middle background. Two punga trees extreme left/middleground. Colours primarily light blue, greens browns and white.
Accession No