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Collage of etching ink on exposed photographic paper and a stenciled element. A face of dark blue and black is silhouetted against a grey background. A stencil of numbers and algorithms covered in thick white ink obscures part of the face. The featureless face stands for the faceless casualties of war and was inspired by photographs taken of victims of the Khmer Rouge. The title of the artwork 'Illuminate Us' is inscribed at the base of the face and is a play on Illuminati and the United States of America.
Accession No

Collage of comic book elements and painted elements. A black military aircraft with the silhouette of a pilot is printed over a comic book page. The bottom of the aircraft shows a string of white numbers and letters that refer to the code printed into a piece of metal retrieved from an American missile dropped on a residential area of Baghdad, Iraq, in March 2003. The missile killed dozens of civilians. The words "HIT HERE", stencilled in white and yellow paint onto the body of the aircraft, refer to targets attacked by the US military. Also on the body of the aircraft, a figure is silhouetted against a red outline. On the left of the image, a vertical frieze of paintings has been glued to the comic book page. The images are virtually indistinguishable, perhaps reminiscent of CTV or night vision images. The bottom frame in the frieze features a red dot, which represents the laser dot of a sniper's gun. On the right of the image another piece of comic has been glued on separately. It depicts a space ship shape in an explosion, with the word "BLANG!" in capitals. The text in the frame reads: "Of course, bugbomb are also highly explosive." A white sticker with red diagonal lines and the letters "UM" is also adhered beneath the aircraft. The collage is from Morris' 'Enduring Freedom' series, which explores differing version of truth surrounding the September 11, 2001 'terror attacks' in the United States of America.
Accession No

Collage highlighting what Roger Morris sees as the "comic book nature" of the events that took place on 11 September 2001 in the United States of America. The collage is made up of both readymade elements and handmade elements. It features two comic book covers, one of "Superboy" and one of "Captain America and the Falcon". The "Superboy" cover has been cut up and a page of text, including a photograph of George W. Bush, has been inserted underneath so it appears as if Bush's face features on the magazine cover. Part of another comic strip is adhered to the right hand edge of the artwork. Two hand painted depictions of clowns are glued to the centre of the collage. Morris describes these faces as being "the face of madness". They both have large red noses and red smiles. A composite image of an action figure's head and George W. Bush's face, created by Morris in Photoshop, is glued to the left hand side of the artwork. It is glued onto another collage element that features two hand drawn faces and black ink. Beneath, a figure holding a gun has been printed in black paint. Along the lower horizontal edge, a frieze featuring seven images of an aeroplane flying into one of the World Trade Centre towers has been glued down. The words "THe DAY THE WAr came" are handwritten beneath it.
Accession No