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Bust portrait of Ngati Watson, also known as Ngati Watene or Nga Tikumu Te Marewa A Uru Te Aowhariua. Watson is wearing a green scarf over her hair with white feathers. She has moko on her chin. Watson is turned slightly to the side. The portrait has a dark background that merges with the dark clothing she is wearing.
Accession No

Portrait of elderly Maori woman with green chin moko and long grey hair in two plaits. She is wearing a green jacket with red and grey scarf. Dark blue background.
Accession No

Portrait of Maori woman wearing green jacket, purple shirt and earrings. She has a green chin moko.
Accession No

Head and shoulders portrait of elderly Maori woman clothed in a feather cloak. Her right hand holds a cloak in place around her neck. She has grey hair and a green chin moko.
Accession No

Portrait of elderly Maori lady sitting with arms crossed over lap. She has a green chin moko and is clothed in greyish/blue top. Green background. Painted from a photograph taken by Marti Friedlander in 1967.
Accession No