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Framed watercolour by J. Collier depicting part of a river (lower right foreground) winding through countryside. Cleared hills in background. Wooden fence to rivers edge lower left corner. Gold-coloured wooden frame with glass cover and gold-coloured mat. Handwritten in black ink on rear is: ""UPPER WAITARA RIVER" BY E.E. WICKHAM." However, this work is signed lower left corner "J. Collier / 33". Presumably the person who wrote on the rear is wrong. In fair condition - moderate amount of foxing evident along the upper region (or sky) in particular.
Accession No

Watercolour depicting two vessels in the middleground docked at wharf. Smoke is coming from both the ships chimneys; also from chimney on wharf.
Accession No

Watercolour by Bernard Aris depicting a small pilot boat on the river with smoke coming out of her chimney.
Accession No

Mt Taranaki/Egmont as depicted from the air. Picture is a composition of colours applied with broad brush strokes. Colours include pale greens, blues, lilac, violet, orange, black and white. Concentration of cream within middle top region, and directional change in brush stroke and line, form the shape of the mountain with black and white detail highlighting shape.
Accession No