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Coloured relief print (possibly a woodcut or lino print) of Mt Taranaki/Egmont on paper. Sky of light pastel blue and pink hues (watercolour). Green mountain range, left foreground, partially conceals the bottom left of the mountain.
Accession No

Print depicting two ships at dock in New Plymouth's port with Paritutu in right background.
Accession No

Watercolour depicting two vessels in the middleground docked at wharf. Smoke is coming from both the ships chimneys; also from chimney on wharf.
Accession No

Watercolour by Bernard Aris depicting a small pilot boat on the river with smoke coming out of her chimney.
Accession No

Mt Taranaki/Egmont as depicted from the air. Picture is a composition of colours applied with broad brush strokes. Colours include pale greens, blues, lilac, violet, orange, black and white. Concentration of cream within middle top region, and directional change in brush stroke and line, form the shape of the mountain with black and white detail highlighting shape.
Accession No

A shrub lined and uneven packed dirt road is pictured at the bottom centre of the painting leading off into the hills to the left. Inglewood township is located in the centre of the image with Mt. Taranaki/Egmont towering over it. Smoke rises from several sites in the painting.
Accession No