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View of the Waireka battlefield on the occasion of a picnic celebrating an anniversary of the battle. In the foreground Antonio Rodriguez de Sardinha (holder of a New Zealand Cross) is seated on the ground. In the background crowds of people are gathered into groups and children are seated on the ground. The pink marking in the background left indicates the site of the Maori pa and the other white markings on the right toward the wooded gully represent the paths the Maori took after being driven out of the pa by Captain Cracroft and his men. The photograph has been retouched and it is adhered to card.
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Photograph of Edward Frederick Hemingway's grandson Harold Hilary Dutton posing with his grandfather's militaria. He stands behind a collection of military objects, including two pistols, a sword and a drum, pointing a rifle at the camera. He wears military clothing, including a helmet. Trees visible in the background. Harold was the child who attacked the full-length portrait of Edward F. Hemingway (PA2007.068), ruining the bottom portion of the painting.
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Captain Henry Hope-Cross operating a Kindermann Cold Light Enlarger, c.1942. This image was taken during service for the C.P.S (Central Photographic Section) at the Air Force Photographic Unit, Stout Street Wellington.
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Detail of vertical aerial mapping photograph produced by C.P.S, Air Force Photographic Department, Stout Street (Wellington) during WWII. Presumed to show a location in and around Wellington.
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Mid-shot group portrait of six unidentified soldiers, WWII. All with bare chests, standing in front of a large tree.
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Group portrait of seven soldiers, WWI. Third from left is Percy Douglas. Seated and standing at military camp in front of tents.
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Large photograph of soldiers lined up at Parihaka. Aerial view. Houses/huts and fences can be seen in the background. The photograph has been adhered to black card.
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Photograph of a group of soldiers, likely the Armed Constabulary, standing/sitting in front of a tent. The men are dressed in military uniform. Some of the men are sitting on wooden chairs while the others are standing behind them. There are two men sitting on the ground in the front row. The soldiers are unidentified. The photograph has been adhered to a large mat.
Accession No

Photograph of New Zealand Wars veterans standing in two rows on steps. The photograph has been adhered to a card. An identification tag has been adhered to the bottom of the photograph. The men are dressed in suits and all of them are wearing hats.
Back row from left: R. Tingey, S. Stedolph (sec., Wellington), J.K. Revell [Taranaki Volunteers], J.S. Russell, Major Lomax (vice-pres., Wanganui), C. Bonner, W. Forsythe, W.H. Davis, Geo. Tuffin [Wanganui Ranger].
Front row from left: Capt. Preece (N.Z.C.), E.N. Liffeton [likely to be Edward Nolloth Liffiton 1843-1923 of the Wanganui Yeomanry Cavalry], W.J. Griffiths, Lieut. T.D. Cummins [probably Thomas Dick Cummins of the Wanganui Volunteer Cavalry], Geo. Adlum (vice-pres.), T. Hickman (sec. Wanganui branch) [Armed Constabulary], Geo. Davis [probably G.S. Davis, Wanganui Yeomanry Cavalry], J. Farrell [18th Regiment], T. Carey [18th Regiment].
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Photograph of five members of the 43rd Regiment who fought in the New Zealand Wars. Two of the men are dressed in military uniform and three are wearing suits. All five men are wearing war medals. There are curtains in the background and a plant/tree on the right hand side of the image. Photograph has been adhered to a greenish-grey coloured card with cream coloured mount. The last names of the men have been written on verso: Turnbridge, Adlam, Rigley (?), Colonel Ellis, Bugler Mynott.
Accession No

Photograph of a group of veterans standing in a line in the middle of the street. All of the men are wearing suits and some of them are wearing war medals. Photograph is mounted on a brown coloured mat.
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Photograph of a large group of men and women seated on a grassy hill. The people are gathered to celebrate an anniversary of the Battle of Waireka (1860). Men and women are wearing formal attire. Photograph is adhered to a green coloured card with brown mat. New Plymouth Mayor Gustave Tisch is seated fourth from left in the front row. He is wearing a light coloured hat and a fern leaf shaped badge on his jacket.
Accession No

Photograph of a group of men gathered around a newly planted tree. Veteran Beamish is holding the shovel on the left hand side of the image. The men are commemorating the 50th anniversary of the battle at Turuturu Mokai Redoubt. The photograph is adhered to a brown coloured card.
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Photograph of veterans of the New Zealand Wars at the racecourse in New Plymouth. The men are lined up in three rows on the grounds of the racecorse. There are onlookers and other people gathered in the seats in the background. Most of the men a wearing war medals. Photograph has been adhered to a brown coloured mount.
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Photograph of a man (possibly William F. Gordon) standing on the site of Kaipopo Pa, Waireka, where William Odgers, Coxswain of the HMS Niger, gained the first Victoria Cross in New Zealand on March 20 1860. The man is standing on the left hand side of the image. Paritutu can be seen in the background on the right hand side of the image. The photograph is adhered to a green coloured card.
Accession No

Photograph of the retired Captain Henry. Henry is seated in a wooden chair with his legs crosed. His top hat, gloves, and left arm rest on a wooden table. His right arm is on his thigh. He is dressed in very formal attire. There is a potted plant on the ground on the left hand side of the image. Photograph is mounted on green coloured card and framed by a white mat.
Accession No

Photographic portrait of General J.H. Rocke of the 18th Regiment. Rocke is dressed in a suit and is looking toward the left hand side of the photograph. The image is adhered to card and is matted.
Accession No

Photographic print of an original carte-de-visite of Lieutenant Edward Brutton of the 57th Regiment. Brutton stands with his right arm resting on a pedestal on which also rests a vase and Brutton's hat. He holds a cane/stick in his left hand. Brutton is dressed in formal military uniform. The photograph has been adhered to a small card.
Accession No

Photograph of Lieutenant Barker's storage trunk. "Lt. Barker 50th Regt" is written on the front of the trunk. The photograph has been adhered to a brown coloured mount with white matting.
Accession No

Compilation photograph of a number of photographs of the busts of the Captain and Officers of the HMS Niger.The busts are shaped into a diamond-like shape with flags and other decorations around the edges. The destinations of the ship are also included around the sides of the diamond - China, Australia, New Zealand, Taranaki, Waireka. Photograph has been adhered to a large card.
Men are identified from top to bottom, left to right:
Amphlett, Paymaster
White, Assistant Engineer
Vettch (?), Master
Price, Midshipmen
Blake, 1st Lieutenant
Wells, 3rd Lieutenant
Hyde, Assistant Paymaster
Theobald, Midshipmen
Rock, Chief Engineer
Captain Cracroft
Patrick, Surgeon
Lawrencedon, Assistant Surgeon
Gass__?, Midshipmen
Karslake, Midshipmen
Accession No

Landscape photograph of the rifle pits at Ahuahu where Captain Lloyd of the 57th Regiment and others were killed in a fight with Hauhaus on 6 April 1864. W.F. Gordon stands on the right hand side of the photograph overlooking the scene. There is a road on the left hand side of the photograph. The photograph has been adhered to card.
Accession No

Photograph of a sketch of Waihi Redoubt. While 1859 is written on the sketch the actual date is likely to be 1869, as the redoubt was initially built in 1866 and was abandoned in 1868 then rebuilt in 1869. The image depicts the various buildings inside the redoubt including the look out tower and the buildings with loopholes. Photograph is adhered to textured card.
Accession No

Photograph of a group of soldiers nicknamed "Jam Tarts" at Parihaka. The soldiers are grouped together with some sitting on a bench in the backrow and others lying casually on the ground in front. Photograph has been adhered to a large, brown card.
Back row (left to right): Harry Honeyfield, Edward Hunt, Harry Newland, Tudor Atkinson.
Front row (left to right): John Skinner, William Thompson, William Jury, Dave Gilmour, A. Thompson, Peter Wilson, O. Deakon.
Accession No

Photograph of Mr. Lawrence Milmoe of Hāwera on the site of the Turuturu Mokai Redoubt. Milmoe was one of the defenders of the redoubt when it was attacked by Hauhaus on 12 July 1868. Milmoe is pointing, with his umrbrella, to the proposed spot where Captain Frederick Ross was fatally wounded. Milmoe is standing in the middle of a grassy area that is raised above the landscape in the background. The photograph has been adhered to a cream coloured card with a caption underneath.
Accession No

Photograph of Edwin Bezar (left) shaking hands with General Sir Charles Mansfiled Clarke, 3rd Baronet, both veterans of the 57th Regiment. Both men are wearing suits and hats. The photograph is unmounted.
Accession No