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Screenprint of a stylised figure holding a guitar and taking a bow. The figure is holding a conductor's wand in one hand. A speech bubble shape is issuing from the figure's mouth. The background is rendered in blue and yellow. The figure is 'bowing out'.
Accession No

Wooden house with red roof. White wooden fence around front of property. Trees and shrubs also pictured.
Accession No

Matted and framed watercolour featuring an Inglewood street scene with a partially clouded Mt. Taranaki/ Egmont in the background. The foreground includes a flock of sheep being driven by a whip wielding mounted shepherd and flanked by two dogs. Two 'swaggermen' with bed rolls, hats and one with walking stick are located in the bottom left corner. The railway reserve and line is in the mid-foreground. This view is of Matai Street from Rimu Street- from in front of the former old Bank of New South Wales (now New Zealand Colonial Antiques 33 Rimu Street). It shows the first Methodist Church on Rata Street (right), the fire station and the commercial buildings on Matai Street to the Inglewood Hotel in the left distance.
Accession No

Artwork consisting of photocopied wood block prints with additional stamped elements. On the left is a giant human figure depicted on top of a planet. The figure is consuming and then excreting its own environment. Text on the photocopied wood block print on the right reads "EMIT ONE TRANSFERABLE OPTION PERMIT". "CO 2" has been stamped beneath this in maroony-red ink. The artwork dates from around the time of the first discussions on the introduction of carbon credits.
Accession No

Artwork of painted and stencilled elements on paper. The paper is made up of multiple small images and advertisments and was originally a piece of 'mail art' Morris received in the post in the 1990s. In the centre of the artwork is a black shape outlined in blue paint. A red koru-like shape has been painted on top of the black shape. It is an abstration of a parent and child holding one another and stands for the love that exists between the two. Morris has surrounded this central element with stencils of the symbol he has developed to represent fascism.
Accession No

A hand drawn cartoon strip on a single piece of paper (double sided) called "Olley and Lazy in the Time Machine" that features a title frame and 21 individual story frames. The cartoon features the characters Olley and Lazy who, while camping in a forest, discover a wizard's hat that allows them to travel back through time to a castle.
Accession No

Screenprint portrait of New Zealand author Alan Keith Grant (1941-2000). The portrait shows Grant in quarter profile looking towards his left. It is in black ink in a loose, sketchy style.
Accession No

Pencil, watercolour and gouache botanical drawing of iris and forsythia plant specimens. The specimens have been drawn in pencil and colour added only to certain areas of the drawing. Where painted, the detail is exceptionally fine.
Accession No

Artwork from Roger Morris' 'Tales of the New Dominion' series, a series which explores the feeling he had in the late 1990s that a new war was coming. Black etching ink has been applied over a red background. A white shape inspired by the Mercury spacecraft has been stencilled on to the upper left of the image.
Accession No

Printed page from an unknown magazine with elements added by artist Roger Morris. Morris has prepared the page with a textured coating, giving it a grainy look that resembles the surface of the moon. Black etching ink has been applied over this to the centre of the page. The outline of a hanging shape, representing a carcass has been stencilled onto the middle of the page in red ink. A stencil showing two human figures has been applied with white spray paint on the left.
Accession No