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"Pouakai Range Early Morning" A98.772
"Pouakai Range Early Morning"
"Lupin and boxthorn" A98.773
"Lupin and boxthorn"
"Puniho Pines" A65.597
"Puniho Pines"
"Okato Roadside" A65.611
"Okato Roadside"
"Paora Sunset" A64.631
"Paora Sunset"
"Moon over Kaitake Ranges" A64.634
"Moon over Kaitake Ranges"
"from Oakura Beach" A64.620
"from Oakura Beach"
"Homage to Paritutu" A64.636
"Homage to Paritutu"
"Paritutu from Omata" A65.618
"Paritutu from Omata"
"Stony R. Study # 1" A64.618
"Stony R. Study # 1"
"Cloud, rock, & wave" A64.642
"Cloud, rock, & wave"
"Sugarloaf Sunrise" A64.625
"Sugarloaf Sunrise"
"Sunset - Okato Pines" A65.599
"Sunset - Okato Pines"
"Low Tide" A65.591
"Low Tide"
"Komene Rd View" A65.610
"Komene Rd View"
"Sunset from Cardiff Rd" A64.648
"Sunset from Cardiff Rd"
"Summer morning - Dover Rd" A64.646
"Summer morning - Dover Rd"
"Road Narrows" A64.597
"Road Narrows"
"Tapuae after sunset" A64.591
"Tapuae after sunset"
"The Bealy, Canterbury" A66.084
"The Bealy, Canterbury"
Untitled (Mount Taranaki and Ranges) A66.202
Untitled (Mount Taranaki and Ranges)
"'Mawhera', Brougham Street" A66.598
"'Mawhera', Brougham Street"
"Maratahu (Standish Homestead)" A66.579
"Maratahu (Standish Homestead)"
"View of North Waitara" A66.106
"View of North Waitara"
"Southern Lake Scene" A66.070
"Southern Lake Scene"