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Picture of Devon Street East with houses on one side, dairy on the other, with tramcar, motor car, and power lines.
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Matted and framed watercolour featuring an Inglewood street scene with a partially clouded Mt. Taranaki/ Egmont in the background. The foreground includes a flock of sheep being driven by a whip wielding mounted shepherd and flanked by two dogs. Two 'swaggermen' with bed rolls, hats and one with walking stick are located in the bottom left corner. The railway reserve and line is in the mid-foreground. This view is of Matai Street from Rimu Street- from in front of the former old Bank of New South Wales (now New Zealand Colonial Antiques 33 Rimu Street). It shows the first Methodist Church on Rata Street (right), the fire station and the commercial buildings on Matai Street to the Inglewood Hotel in the left distance.
Accession No

Artwork from Roger Morris' 'Enduring Freedom' series that evokes the anonymous casualties of war. The artwork is made up of twelve panels that feature faceless heads, depicted in such a way as to make them virtually indistinguishable from each other. They are rendered in blacks and greys. The artwork was inspired by the casualties of war remembered by various war memorials around the world. Morris sees them not only as dead, but also hopeful and humorous.
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