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Screenprint portrait of a man. The portrait shows him in full profile. It is in black ink in a loose, sketchy style.
Accession No

Solar plate etching in black ink on white paper. Composition consists of 5 long plates placed one below the other depicting landscape views of pa sites on the coastal road between Pungarehu to Warea road including Mt. Taranaki/Egmont. Some trees and power lines included. Titled, signed and dated below.
Accession No

Screenprint portrait of New Zealand author Alan Keith Grant (1941-2000). The portrait shows Grant in quarter profile looking towards his left. It is in black ink in a loose, sketchy style.
Accession No

Artwork depicting a machine form that has the alphabet stencilled onto it in white paint. Parts of the alphabet have overpainted in pink spray paint. The artwork has been made on the back of a proof poster for the TOWER New Zealand Youth Choir. The title of the artwork refers to the idea of oil as a religion, dictating and controlling people's actions.
Accession No

Artwork from Roger Morris' 'Tales of the New Dominion' series, a series which explores the feeling he had in the late 1990s that a new war was coming. Black etching ink has been applied over a red background. A white shape inspired by the Mercury spacecraft has been stencilled on to the upper left of the image.
Accession No

Depiction of the World Trade Center Towers and their foundations. The towers and the surrounding earth are painted black. Two white X's mark the points in the foundation where, according to alternative viewpoints on why the towers collapsed, explosives may have been planted. Two large red X's are also painted on the towers and red paint extends up the length of the towers from the foundations, indicating perhaps both the structural cores of the buildings and the progress of the explosions. Several arrows point to both the explosives in the tower and at two frames printed on the left of the image. The images in the frames are indiscernible but may indicate surveillance, grainy television or night vision images. The artwork features hundreds of small dots, which are used to suggest pixellated media images. The artwork questions who controls information about world events.
Accession No