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Accession No Name/Title
Jane Rowe (nee Roberts) PA2005.331
Jane Rowe (nee Roberts)
Richard Rowe PA2005.332
Richard Rowe
Henry Nathanial Rowe PA2005.333
Henry Nathanial Rowe
William Bolland Davies with grapefruit tree PHO2013-0103
William Bolland Davies with grapefruit tree
"Col. G.J. Carey" PHO2014-0049
"Col. G.J. Carey"
Untitled PA2012.137
Henry Faull of Tikorangi A83.320
Henry Faull of Tikorangi
Untitled A75.579
Untitled A75.578
"Mr Roberts of New Plymouth, August 1927" A75.531
"Mr Roberts of New Plymouth, August 1927"
"Mr M. McCormick of Christchurch" A75.532
"Mr M. McCormick of Christchurch"
Michael Joseph Savage PHO2006-083
Michael Joseph Savage
"Portrait of Eddi Collins, NP Architect of Library & Museum"
Dorothy Ella Davies PHO2013-0115
Dorothy Ella Davies
Mr P Elliott PHO2009-233
Mr P Elliott
Franz Zimmerman PHO2011-2452
Franz Zimmerman
Arthur James Goodwin PHO2011-2453
Arthur James Goodwin
Peter Zimmerman? PHO2011-2456
Peter Zimmerman?
Alexander Martin Zimmerman? PHO2011-2459
Alexander Martin Zimmerman?
Mary Elizabeth Goodwin PHO2011-2461
Mary Elizabeth Goodwin
Nickolas Goodwin PHO2011-2462
Nickolas Goodwin
Jane Agnes Parker (nee Goodwin) PHO2011-2466
Jane Agnes Parker (nee Goodwin)
Margaret Catherine Horgan PHO2011-2471
Margaret Catherine Horgan
Noeline Margaret Parker PHO2011-2476
Noeline Margaret Parker
Molly Emily Goodwin (b. 20.01.1940) PHO2011-2477
Molly Emily Goodwin (b. 20.01.1940)