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Accession No Name/Title
Untitled A64.817
"New Plymouth 1850-1856" PA2008.116
"New Plymouth 1850-1856"
"Home" PA2012.134
'Untitled (Hurworth Cottage)' A75.462
'Untitled (Hurworth Cottage)'
"Our Backyard, N.P." A75.556
"Our Backyard, N.P."
"Portrait of Eddi Collins, NP Architect of Library & Museum"
"30 Fulford St, New Plymouth" A66.699
"30 Fulford St, New Plymouth"
"Mace House, Carrington Street" A66.681
"Mace House, Carrington Street"
Untitled (Beach/Richmond Cottage) A93.839
Untitled (Beach/Richmond Cottage)
"Mt Egmont from Fitzroy" A75.630
"Mt Egmont from Fitzroy"
""The Pines", New Plymouth, N.Z." PA2011.111
""The Pines", New Plymouth, N.Z."
"At New Plymouth" A58.395
"At New Plymouth"
"Waldie's Flats, New Plymouth" A66.685
"Waldie's Flats, New Plymouth"
"House, 6 Gilbert Street, New Plymouth" A66.584
"House, 6 Gilbert Street, New Plymouth"
"Julian's Farm, Omata" A66.586
"Julian's Farm, Omata"
Te Henui Vicarage [plan] A65.917
Te Henui Vicarage [plan]
"Half-Houses To Be Built - New Item"
"The Smithy House" PA2008.112
"The Smithy House"
Untitled (George Curtis's House, Omata) A92.157
Untitled (George Curtis's House, Omata)
Untitled (Interior of George Curtis's House, Omata) A92.158
Untitled (Interior of George Curtis's House, Omata)