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Accession No Name/Title
William Bolland Davies with grapefruit tree PHO2013-0103
William Bolland Davies with grapefruit tree
"Col. G.J. Carey" PHO2014-0049
"Col. G.J. Carey"
Michael Joseph Savage PHO2006-083
Michael Joseph Savage
Dorothy Ella Davies PHO2013-0115
Dorothy Ella Davies
William Walter Smith PHO2012-0002
William Walter Smith
Te Henui Vicarage [plan] A65.917
Te Henui Vicarage [plan]
1935 Queen of the West Carnival, June Thurston PHO2011-2530
1935 Queen of the West Carnival, June Thurston
 Peter Elliott PHO2009-233
Peter Elliott
Nickolas Goodwin PHO2011-2462
Nickolas Goodwin
Arthur James Goodwin PHO2011-2453
Arthur James Goodwin
Mary Elizabeth Goodwin PHO2011-2461
Mary Elizabeth Goodwin
Jane Agnes Parker (nee Goodwin) PHO2011-2466
Jane Agnes Parker (nee Goodwin)
Margaret Catherine Horgan PHO2011-2471
Margaret Catherine Horgan
Noeline Margaret Parker PHO2011-2476
Noeline Margaret Parker
Molly Emily Goodwin (b. 20.01.1940) PHO2011-2477
Molly Emily Goodwin (b. 20.01.1940)
Rhoda Ann Horgan (b. 30.03.1943) PHO2011-2478
Rhoda Ann Horgan (b. 30.03.1943)
Franz Zimmerman PHO2011-2452
Franz Zimmerman
Peter Zimmerman PHO2011-2456
Peter Zimmerman
Alexander Martin Zimmerman PHO2011-2459
Alexander Martin Zimmerman
Unknown, Infant WD.018617
Unknown, Infant
Unknown, Man WD.018618
Unknown, Man
Unknown, Cyclist WD.018619
Unknown, Cyclist
Unknown, Actor
Elliot, Actor
Elliot, Actor