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Coloured ink sketch depicting a large vessel at sea with water fountain immediately in front of it. Another ship in the distance to right.
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Framed commemorative scroll for Private Charles Lawrence Sattler of the Wellington Infantry Regiment, N.Z.E.F. Sattler was killed in action October 30th, 1916. The text reads: "He whom this scroll commemorates was numbered among those who at the call of King and Country, left all that was dear to them, endured hardness, faced danger, and finally passed out of the sight of men by the path of duty and self-sacrifice, giving up their own lives that others might live in freedom. Let those who come after see to it that his name be not forgotten." Below this in red is: "Pte. Charles Lawrence Sattler / Wellington Inf. Regt. N.Z.E.F."
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Framed memorial photograph distributed by the Director of Graves Registration & Enquiries of Private Charles Lawrence Sattler's grave. Sattler was killed in action October 30th, 1916. On the right side is a silver gelatin photograph of Private Sattler's grave which consists of a white wooden cross inscribed with the following details: "In Memory of 157 84 Pte C. L. Sattler 2nd W.I.B. NZEF Killed in Action Oct. 30 1916." "E.Z. 6" in inscribed lower left corner of photograph. On the left side is the official documentation from the Director of Graves Registration & Enquiries which provides the following information:
Regiment: 2/Wellington Inf New Zealand;
Position of Grave: Cite' Bonjean Military Cemetary;
Nearest Railway Station: Armentieres.
The number of this particular photograph is 8/14318.
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Coloured ink sketch depicting a vessel at sea with smoke billowing from it. Sea is blue and ship predominantly black with traces of red and white.
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Cartoon depicting a husband and wife sitting at home in front of the fire. The husband is reading a newspaper article about the Battle of the Somme and a war scene in a 'thought bubble' can be seen above the fireplace.
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Cartoon of a wreath laid over a helmet and bayonnet in barren terrain with barbed wire. Spent bullet cartridges visible lower left. Commemorating Armistice Day of WWI, drawn 26 years after the signing of an armistice agreement between the Allies and Germany on 11 November 1918.
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A group of eight men in military uniform posed in front of the Sphinx and pyramids at Giza, Egypt on Boxing Day 1914. There are other people and a camel visible in the distance on the right. Back row : (left to right) F. Crompton, R.H. Bailey, F. Hagenson. Centre row : A Harding, V. Hall, E. Stanley. Front Row : N. Harding, A. Hagenson. This image appeared in the Auckland Weekly News 13 May 1915.
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Full length studio portrait of Charles Robert Barker in military uniform. The ribbon on the medal pinned to his chest has been hand coloured. He stands in front of a painted studio backdrop of a woodland scene.
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Full-length portrait of Neville Henry Arden in military uniform. He is standing with his hands behind his back and is wearing a hat with chinstrap and a sword on his left. He is seen in a garden setting which may be at Ardendale, the Arden family home on Frankley Road, New Plymouth. Neville Henry Arden was killed in action at Passchendaele on 4th October 1917.
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Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers H-Company 27th Reinforcements at Trentham, 1917. The names of the officers are recorded on the back. Front row from left: Sergeants Thornton, Williams, Keeble and Arlidge. Next row (sitting): Sergeants Monckton and Wells, Lieutenants Hutton, Abraham, Birkett and Ross, Sergeant Major Steele, Sergeants Victor Caddy Davies and Joblin. Next row (standing): Sergeant Collings, Corporals Fletcher, Walsh and Billdabeck, Sergeant McKellar, Corporals Short and Matchett, Sergeant Bulfin, Corporals Jensen and Meikle. Back row: Lance Corporals Robinson, Scott, Read, Baildon, Wells, Nichols, Terril and Mulcahey.
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Head and shoulders portrait of Corporal Leslie P. Sole, who died of wounds at Gallipolli on 9 May 1915. Sole is depicted in military uniform. The photograph has been touched up by hand and given a soft, painterly appearance. The photograph is matted and below the image there is a small cut out in the mat with the words "Corporal Leslie P. Sole / Died of wounds, May 9th, 1915" written by hand.

A newspaper clipping from The Taranaki Herald (dated Thursday, September 9, 1915) adhered to rear reads: "Lieutenant F. Hartnell, writing of the engagement at Gallipoli in which Corporal Les. Sole fell mortally wounded says: "The advance of C Company (Taranaki) was, to use the words of an Imperial officer of repute, 'the finest thing I have ever seen.' The man who lead Taranaki's advance line of scouts in this advance was our late Comrade, Corporal Sole, New Zealand has sent many men to the front who physically were his superior but for downright British grit none could displace him. Truely can it be said he died one of New Zealand's heroes".
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Studio portrait of Gerald Chong in WWI Military uniform. This includes a 'lemon squeezer hat'. He stands in front of a painted backdrop of a forest scene.
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Composite photograph showing a large family group gathered for the Golden Wedding Celebration of Ruth and Joe Corney. The group is gathered in a forest setting with trees behind. Three portraits of young men are superimposed into the lower section of the image. Two of the three portraits that have been added show Clarence Corney (left) and Bert Laurence (right) wearing military uniform while William Laurence in the centre portrait is wearing a three-piece suit. The portraits have been placed over the original photograph and the whole composition re-photographed. The photograph is mounted on card.

Back row, left to right: Clarice Corney (later Anderson), Lucy Corney, Sidney Laurence, Ellen Laurence (later Vickers), Edith Laurence, Frank Laurence, Elsie Corney (later Hunt), Veta Corney (later Capper), Ethel Corney (later Gear), Leonora Corney (later Hunwick, then Law), Eileen Corney (later Burton), Ethel Corney (later Clough).

Second to back row, left to right: Jack Corney, Lizzie Laurence (later Rutter), Ruth Laurence (later Kilsby), Harry Knowles holding baby Alfred Knowles, Clara Knowles (nee Laurence), Grace Laurence (later Rowlands), Harriet Corney, Florence Corney, Rose Corney, Tom Corney, Doris Langley (later Coles), Frank Corney.

Third row from back, left to right: Mabel Corney (nee Alexander) holding baby Roger Corney, Joe Corney, Mary Corney (nee Curd), Bert Laurence, Marena Laurence holding baby Edward Knowles, Joe Corney, Ruth Corney, Maida Corney (later Burgess), William Corney holding son William Albert Corney, Nellie Corney (later Langley), Wright Langley, Minnie Corney (nee Tuck), Arthur Corney holding Geoffrey Corney.

Front row, left to right: Ada Corney (later Cadestrom), George Corney, Eric Corney, Frederick Corney, George Laurence, Harry Laurence, Harold Corney, Cedric Corney, Nita Langley, Kathleen Corney, Joyce Corney, Phyllis Corney.

Insets, left to right: Clarence Corney, William Laurence, Bert Laurence.
Accession No

Studio portrait of Albert Chernell Mason in military uniform. He has a star on each lapel and his hair is parted at the side. The photograph is oval and has been adhered to a brown cardboard mount that has also been cut into an oval.

Albert Mason was from New Plymouth and was working as a boot repairer before enlisting as a private with the 18th Reinforcements, Specialist Machine-Gun Section. He died in the Battle of the Somme, France, on 27 March 1918.
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