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Artwork from Roger Morris' 'Enduring Freedom' series that features four elements relating to the Global War on Terror. The top element is a hand drawn engine block, referring to 'the might of the military machine'. The next is a silhouette of a tank. The third is a stylised figure. The fourth is the word "OIL". The artwork has been made on the back of a proof poster for the TOWER New Zealand Youth Choir.
Accession No

Pencil sketch of the Omata Stockade from the north east side, 1861. Stockade situated upper right middleground, small area of cleared land middle foreground with stock grazing on it.
Accession No

Pencil and wash sketch of New Plymouth from Marsland Hill. The view shows vegetation in the foreground and two bell tents at the base of Marsland Hill. The township of New Plymouth is visible in the middleground, with St Mary's Church pictured in the centre of the image. Several small ships are visible on the sea in the background.
Accession No

Multi-coloured screenprint on paper composed of 3 long panoramic views of pa sites located between Pungarehu and Warea on the coastal road including Mt. Taranaki/Egmont.
Accession No

Solar plate etching in black ink on white paper. Composition consists of 5 long plates placed one below the other depicting landscape views of pa sites on the coastal road between Pungarehu to Warea road including Mt. Taranaki/Egmont. Some trees and power lines included. Titled, signed and dated below.
Accession No