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Jane Rowe (nee Roberts), passenger on the "Essex" and married H.N.Rowe. Portrait presumably painted from existing photograph of Jane Rowe (P.1.5112). Unframed, oil on paper with card mount.
Accession No

A miniature oil painting of Elizabeth Lackworthy from Exeter (England). Contained in an oval wooden frame.
Accession No

Digital collage comprising three elements layered to form a self-portrait of Taranaki artist Dale Copeland. The background layer is a dusky brown colourfield from which a photograph of Copeland at age 5 emerges on the left. A colour photograph occupies the ceter of the composition and slightly overlaps the figure of the five year old girl. The colour photograph shows Copeland age 40 reflected in a mirror. A doll's head, a human skull and a blue vase of pink flowers overlap the reflection. The photograph has a white boarder. An x-ray taken of Copeland's right hand when she was 69 years old reaches up and over the other two elements from the lower right of the composition. Copeland was wearing a thumb ring when the x-ray was taken, it appears as a startlingly white loop on the skeleton thumb in the image.
Accession No