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Plan showing additions to the Te Henui Vicarage (stone portion still remaining), Courtenay Street, New Plymouth. Showing the site, front elevation, plan and section of chimneys.
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The Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Fitzroy. A group of people have gathered outside the church and can be seen standing underneath a tree, possibly near a flagpole.
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Seven men are gathered outside a small wooden church. They are wearing light coloured robes, some of them with darker coloured hoods. The church dominates the composition. The eaves of the roof have crucifixes on them. There is a grassed area in front of the church with some flower bushes to the left and a wooden fence.
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Five men, seven women and a young girl are gathered in a line in front of the St Mark's Anglican Church Sunday School Hall. One of the women also holds a baby. All present wear hats. The Sunday School Hall is a wooden building with pointed gothic windows and crucifixes on the eaves of its roof. There is a small hedge between the line of people and the building.
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Album page with a photograph adhered on both sides. The first photograph is of a large crowd of people gathered outside the Provincial Council Chambers on Brougham Street, New Plymouth in the rain. Many of the people are holding opened umbrellas. More people are at the windows of the building and atop the portico of the entrance. The mayor of New Plymouth, Edward Dockrill reads a proclamation to the crowd from the portico. The chambers building is decorated with flags including the New Zealand flag and Union Jack. A banner on the portico reads "Long Live the King". The photograph on the other side shows the interior of an unknown church.
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Panoramic view of New Plymouth from Marsland Hill.
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Photograph of the Anglican Church, Holy Trinity, Te Henui, New Plymouth. Small wooden structure with thatched roof.
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Exterior of St Mary's Church, New Plymouth. Depicts the church building after the addition of a second wing in 1866. The grounds are surrounded by a fence. A tree is at the back of the church. A lamp is visible on the top right hand side of the photo. There are buildings and fences surrounding those buildings mid left hand side of the photo.
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View of Princes Street, Hawera. From left, St Mary's Church and hall, the cottage of James and Annie Corrigan and the original drill hall.
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